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After hitting his head in the shallow end of a swimming pool, a man awoke with the condition known as acquired musical savant syndrome. He had become a great pianist without ever learning to play.

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"acquired savant syndrome," which (for example) allowed a man who suffered a head injury to spontaneously become an expert pianist

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  1. Kim Peek, the savant who inspired the film Rain Man, was not autistic. He had a condition called FG syndrome, a rare genetic condition caused by one or more recessive genes located on the X chromosome. This results physical anomalies and developmental delays.

  2. Jason Padgett, a college dropout, who was attacked and beaten outside of a karaoke bar. He not only survived the attack but developed a mysterious mathematical gift as a result of it. For instance, he now can produce a visual representation of Pi. They call his condition "savant syndrome".

  3. About 'acquired savant syndrome' where someone becomes a genius after experiencing brain trauma from getting beat up

  4. Tony DeBlois, a man with Savant syndrome, is able to play 8000 songs from memory on 20 different instruments.

  5. Acquired savant syndrome, a rare type of savant syndrome wherein a head injury can cause a suddenly profound boost of skill in fields such as math and science. 0.1% of all cases of savant syndrome fall under this category.

  6. Derek Amato. After diving into the shallow end of a pool and being severely concussed, he could instantly play expert piano, despite having never played before. There are just 30 known cases of "acquired savant syndrome" worldwide.

  7. There was a man who hit his head in the shallow end of a swimming pool and awoke with the condition known as "musical savant syndrome", he became a great pianist without ever learning to play

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