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Charles Bonnet Syndrome, a medical disorder in which people with total blindness or impaired vision can suddenly hallucinate entire scenes in vivid color as if they were seeing normally, these episodes can last for a few minutes and can even reoccur for years

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As many as 1/3 of people who lose their vision can suffer vivid, cartoonish hallucinations in a condition known as Charles Bonnet Syndrome.

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  1. Charles Bonnet syndrome, which causes vivid hallucinations, but isn’t mental illness. It's eyesight loss. The brain fills in with what it's seen before as the eyes deteriorate. 60% of folks losing their sight may get them--but never disclose it because they're afraid they are going nuts!

  2. Charles Bonnet Syndrome is a condition in which perfectly sane people develop eye problems which cause them to see visual hallucinations including tiny faces, people, or animals which may last for years.

  3. A common condition amongst people who've lost their sight is Charles Bonnet syndrome. It causes the person to hallucinate and is estimated that around 20-30% of adults who've lost their vision suffer from this.

  4. Sometimes those who go blind later in life may hallucinate visions of objects or people that aren't there. Known as Charles Bonnet Syndrome.

  5. Charles Bonnet syndrome - A condition common among the vision-impaired which causes hallucinations of small people in costume

  6. About Charles Bonnet Syndrome, a condition among blind people in which they suddenly hallucinate full scenes vivid in color

  7. A neuropsychiatric condition called Charles Bonnet syndrome, where patients who are losing their sight can have odd visual hallucinations - commonly, tiny people dressed in Edwardian clothing are seen.

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