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In the late 80s, hypodermic needles and other medical waste from the Fresh Kills Landfill washed up onto the shores of New York and New Jersey. Known as Syringe Tides, incidents like these closed more than 70 miles of beaches and are cited in Billy Joel's "We Didn't Start the Fire."

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Sears and Roebuck used to sell heroin and cocaine in their catalog along with hypodermic syringes prior to the FDA

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  1. The tranquilizer gun was not invented until 1957. The inventor Colin Murdoch also invented the disposable hypodermic syringe and the child-proof medicine container.

  2. In 1853, the hypodermic syringe was invented. The inventor's wife was the first person to die of injected drug overdose

  3. Alexander Wood's (inventor of the hypodermic syringe) wife was the first person the over dose from morphine injection.

  4. In original version of the board game Clue, the weapons included a Shillelagh, Bomb, Hypodermic Syringe, and Poker.

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