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Upon creating the world's first machine gun, Dr. Richard J. Gatling wrote that he did so "to reduce the size of armies, to reduce the number of deaths by combat, and to show how futile war is."

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Richard Gatling, the inventor of what is considered to be the first machine gun, had actually hoped that the tremendous power of his new weapon would discourage large scale battles and show the folly of war; eventually leading to significantly lower death tolls in future conflicts.

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  1. The rapid fire machine gun was invented in Indianapolis in 1862 by Richard Gatling.

  2. Richard D. Gatling, the inventor of the Gatling gun, created it to reduce the size of armies and the amount of deaths to show how futile war is.

  3. Richard Jordan Gatling inventor of the well known "Gatling gun". His purpose for making it; was if a weapon is so powerful that it would become a deterrent. This was proven wrong when it was used by union & confederate forces in the civil war.

  4. In April of 1861, Richard Jordan Gatling watched hundreds of Union soldiers march through Indianapolis and return severely wounded. In response, he set out to create a "labor saving device for warfare" that would minimize the number of men needed for war. Thus came the Gatling gun.

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