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Gatling gun salesmen would go to Civil War battlefields in order to demonstrate their products in actual combat.

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A guy in Illinois built a homemade gatling gun out six SKS semi-automatic rifles and a hand crank. It’s dubbed the “Redneck Obliterator.” It’s perfectly legal. And it recently sold for $3,450.

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  1. During the newyork draft riots of 1863, the New York Times defended their building using Gatling guns against the rioters.

  2. In 1863, the owner and editor of the New York Times held off a rioting mob from attacking the main office with a Gatling machine gun, which he manned himself.

  3. During the New York City Draft Riots of 1863, Leonard Jerome, famous wall street speculator and maternal grandfather of Winston Churchill, defended the New York Times office building with a Gatling Gun.

  4. Leonard Jerome (Winston Churchill's grandfather) defended The NY Times with a gatling gun during the New York Draft Riots.

  5. Upon creating the world's first machine gun, Dr. Richard J. Gatling wrote that he did so "to reduce the size of armies, to reduce the number of deaths by combat, and to show how futile war is."

  6. In 1889, Mark Twain predicted the nature of trench warfare. He pitted 53 men versus 30,000 knights. Crouching behind minefields and electrified fences, and manning Gatling guns that “vomit death,” the time-traveler and his companions mow down rank upon gleaming rank of their armored assailants.

  7. Richard Gatling, the inventor of what is considered to be the first machine gun, had actually hoped that the tremendous power of his new weapon would discourage large scale battles and show the folly of war; eventually leading to significantly lower death tolls in future conflicts.

  8. The gatling styled rotary gun M61 Vulcan used in Iraq and Afghanistan by US and other Nato forces was designed in 1946, almost 70 years ago.

  9. The rapid fire machine gun was invented in Indianapolis in 1862 by Richard Gatling.

  10. The Gatling Gun was invented with the intention of reducing the size of armies so less soldiers would die from disease, saving lives.

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In the 1863 New York City Draft Riots, a mob that was going to loot the New York Times' building was held back by NYTimes staff manning Gatling guns, including the paper's founder

Gatling gun salesmen would go onto Civil War battlefields and live demonstrate their products in combat. - source

Richard D. Gatling, the inventor of the Gatling gun, created it to reduce the size of armies and the amount of deaths to show how futile war is. - source

About Henry Jarvis Raymond, Co-Founder of The New York Times, who successfully defended the office of The Times from being burned to the ground during the Drafts Riots of 1863, by personally manning a Gatling gun.

Richard Jordan Gatling inventor of the well known "Gatling gun". His purpose for making it; was if a weapon is so powerful that it would become a deterrent. This was proven wrong when it was used by union & confederate forces in the civil war. - source

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In 1863, working-class immigrants who were rioting against the Union draft planned to attack the office of the New York Times. When they showed up, they found the newspaper's staff armed with Gatling guns.

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During the 1863 NY Draft riots, the small staff of the New York Times defended their main office from a a mob of rioters with 2 Gatling guns. The Dissuaded rioting mob in turn decided to attack the undefended New York Tribune HQ.

During the 1863 NYC draft riots, founder and staff of the New York Times defended their office with gatling guns

During NYC's 1863 draft riot, Henry Raymond, co-founder of the NY Times, personally defended his office with Gatling guns.

In April of 1861, Richard Jordan Gatling watched hundreds of Union soldiers march through Indianapolis and return severely wounded. In response, he set out to create a "labor saving device for warfare" that would minimize the number of men needed for war. Thus came the Gatling gun.

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When the main office of The New York Times was attacked during the New York Draft Riots in 1863, owner and editor of the Times, Henry Raymond, averted the rioters with Gatling guns.

During the New York City draft riots, he editors of the New York Times personally took up gatling guns to protect their HQ

The recoil force from the 30mm gatling gun on an A-10 warthog is so powerful it could theoretically overcome the force of the engines and bring the plane to a stop.

General Electric made the M61 Vulcan, a gatling gun

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During the Draft Riot of 1863, Henry Raymond, owner and editor of The New York Times, averted the rioters with Gatling guns, one of which he manned. The mob, instead, attacked the headquarters of abolitionist Horace Greeley's New York Tribune until forced to flee by the Brooklyn Police.

The black SUVs following Obama around host a M134 Gatling Gun

When the first gunship transport was fielded in Vietnam, the troops gave it the name "Puff the Magic Dragon". It was just a WWII transport with 3 gatling guns firing out the side, but was so effective that not a single friendly position was ever lost while a "Dragon" was overhead.

During the New York City Draft Riots protestors were prevented from overtaking the New York Times office by staff manning Gatling guns, including Times founder Henry Jarvis Raymond.

During the 1863 Draft Riots, the staff of The New York Times, including founder Henry Jarvis Raymond, defended their office with Gatling guns

During the NYC Draft riots of 1863 the office of the NY Times was targeted and Times staffers including founder Henry Jarvis Raymond protected the building with Gatling guns

History is intense. September 1898, Sudan: army of 30,000 gunned down by Gatling cannons before lunch

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