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Eli Whitney's cotton gin is short for "cotton engine".

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Eli Whitney did not make his fortune from the cotton gin, but a later invention, the milling machine. This machine allowed the North to automate many industries and stay adequately supplied during the American Civil War.

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  1. Soon after Eli Whitney invented the cotton gin, David Wesson perfected a method for creating an edible cooking oil from the abundance of seeds.

  2. The demand for slaves in the U.S. increased in 1793 when Eli Whitney's new cotton gin was introduced.

  3. Many Americans grew up being taught that Eli Whitney, the inventor of the cotton gin, was black

  4. Eli Whitney, inventor of the cotton gin, and oft cited as an important figure during Black History Month, was white.

  5. The US National Archives is missing almost 200 historical documents, including the patents for the Cotton Gin and the Wright Brothers Flying Machine, three swords and two daggers.

  6. Eli Whitney, inventor of the Cotton Gin, created the economic systems that both started and ended the American Civil War. The Cotton Gin reduced the labor time and cost of processing Cotton, returning Slavery to a profitable enterprise at the time. He later would create Mass Manufacturing.

  7. Eli Whitney, inventor of the cotton gin, gained almost no profit from his invention because of the primitive nature of patent laws at the time.

  8. Eli Whitney invented the cotton gin; this device made it possible for textile mills to use the type of cotton most easily grown in the South. Cotton replaced tobacco as the South’s main cash crop and slavery became profitable again.

  9. When Eli Whitney invented the cotton gin in 1792, he turned cotton farming from a marginally profitable business into a highly profitable enterprise. This led to an explosion of slavery in the American South, which was ironic since Whitney himself had been morally opposed to slavery.

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The advent of the cotton gin revitalized slavery in the US, prolonging it for another 70+ years.

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