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It is believed that one of the reasons for the paranoia and bizarre behavior that led to the Salem Witch Trials was caused because of a fungus, Ergot, which grows on rye plants and is a close cousin of LSD. Mistaking it for large rye grain, Salem villagers ground it into their bread and ate it.

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During the Russian famine of the 1920s, Government officials advised starving residents to dig up the dried bones of animals, grind them into flour and bake a “bread substitute [that has] a nutritive value of 25 per cent more than rye bread, in spite of its unpleasant smell and taste”.

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  1. Coriander seed can be used whole or ground. They are often used for the preparation of dishes made of pork and lamb. Certain types of rye bread contain coriander seed.

  2. Rúgbrauð, a rye bread from Iceland, is nicknamed "þrumari", or "thunderbread", because it's notorious for creating flatulence.

  3. In some former Soviet Union countries there is a fermented beverage made out of rye bread called Kvass.

  4. Rye bread is a possible explanation for the increased witchcraft accusations that led to the Salem witch trials

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