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On the tails of his 1999 US Open and Ryder Cup win, pro-golfing star Payne Stewart was on a Learjet flight to Dallas when it suddenly decompressurized, incapacitating all on board. The flight continued in a zombie-like mode, eventually crashing in a South Dakota field after running out of fuel.

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Monday Night Football announcer Al Michaels was traded to NBC so Disney could regain rights to a precursor to Mickey Mouse. The trade also included Olympic highlights and broadcast rights for 4 Ryder Cups

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  1. In 2001, pro golfer Ian Woosnam lost a potential Ryder Cup spot because his caddy accidentally put an extra driver in the bag.

  2. While flying to Europe on Concorde for the Ryder Cup, Jose Maria Olazabal made a record 9.2 mile golf putt.

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The Nobel Prize Ryder Cup: US versus European winners each year

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