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Sea lions are sometimes considered to have the smelliest breath of any animal. Not only do they eat 60lbs of fish every day, which gets caught between their teeth and rots, but frequently vomit up "indigestible fishy leftovers." The rotting fish also causes tooth decay.

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There is a tree called the Callery Pear tree, notorious for the scent of its flowers which has been described as cum, vomit, and rotting fish.

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  1. Fish can be eaten long after its use by date even if it's smelly and almost rotting. There are no toxins or chemicals in (cooked) old fish that can make humans ill.

  2. A group including 5 or 6 Eunuchs had a Weekend at Bernie's with a Chinese Emperor for 2 months. They had carts of rotting fish before and after the Emperors wagon to hide the smell.

  3. The death of Chinese emperor Qin Shi Huang was kept secret for two months by his prime minister. He died on a journey in the middle of summer, so the minister hid the stench of his decomposing body by having two carts full of rotting fish surround the emperor’s wagon.

  4. Some people naturally stink of rotting fish, shit or garbage and there is not a single thing anyone can do to cure it.

  5. There is a rare human condition called Trimethylaminuria, also known as Fish Odor Syndrome, that causes a person's sweat, urine, and breath to smell like rotting fish. It is caused by a defect in the production of a particular enzyme.

  6. Substances responsible for the pungent smell of titan arum are the same ones that are responsible for the unpleasant smell of sweaty socks, rotting fish, mothballs and limburger cheese.

  7. There is an incurable medical condition that makes you smell like rotting fish

  8. Surströmming, a dish of fermented fish from Sweden, is consistently voted as some of the foulest smelling food on the planet. Lightly salted (just enough to prevent rot) and with an acidic taste, the challenge, as noted, is to vomit after the first bite and not before.

  9. The flowers of a Bradford Pear tree, smell like a mixture of rotting fish and semen. The tree’s flowers smell are likely due to a type of chemical called amines

  10. Trimethylaminuria (TMAU) or Fish-Odor Syndrome, is a condition where people are plagued by extreme body odor: Their urine, breath & sweat are laced with a thick scent akin to that of rotting eggs, garbage, or stale fish. It's impossible to control with bathing or deodorant

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18th century miners in the UK used rotting fish as a bioluminescent light source so that they could work in the caves

The bloomig loer o the Callery pear tree mell like eme, rottig ih, or chlorie. [] - source

Fish Odor Syndrome, a psychologically disabling condition in which a patient emits a foul odor, which resembles that of rotting fish - source

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