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In the US the Avocado was once called Alligator Pears. A California Avocado collective began pushing to replace the name with the more-exotic and less-menacing “avocado,” a word that was adapted centuries ago from the Aztec “ahuacacuahatl,” or “testicle tree.”

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Trees found growing in the park vary widely because of the 6000 feet of vertical change which provides for many plant zones. Plants and trees found in the park include saltgrass, prickly pear, pinyon pine, juniper, Douglas fir, white fir, aspen, ponderosa pine, and spruce, among many others.

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  1. Fruit is harvested green because it continues to ripen after removal from the tree. That way, producers of pears prevents pears to become overripe before they become available in the supermarkets around the world.

  2. There is a tree called the Callery Pear tree, notorious for the scent of its flowers which has been described as cum, vomit, and rotting fish.

  3. The Survivor Tree is a pear tree that survived the attacks and was replanted at the site.

  4. There is a pungent species of pear tree called Pyrus Calleryana which (during its flowering stage) is known for smelling of either chlorine, rotting flesh or semen.

  5. The pear tree that blooms in N. America smells like sperm.

  6. The flowers of a Bradford Pear tree, smell like a mixture of rotting fish and semen. The tree’s flowers smell are likely due to a type of chemical called amines

  7. The callery pear tree (or Bradford pear) smells like semen when in bloom.

  8. The flowers of the Callery Pear tree smell like Semen

  9. The bloomig loer o the Callery pear tree mell like eme, rottig ih, or chlorie. []

  10. The Callery pear is a species of pear native to China and Vietnam - and it's the tree that smells like human semen

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The Callery Pear is a flowering tree that produces a potent aroma of jizz and vomit during the springtime

One of the first fruit trees planted in US is still alive and well at +383 years old. Pear tree seeds from Europe. - source

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