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The Baltimore Wastewater Treatment plant had a 4-acre spider colony with over 107 million spiders.

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A 4 acre spiderweb was located at the Baltimore Wastewater Treatment Plant in 2009; the web was home to 107 million spiders of various species.

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  1. Burj Khalifa isn’t hooked up to a municipal wastewater treatment system – so when you poop in the building, that waste is actually trucked out of the city.

  2. Wastewater treatment plants in the United States generate approximately 7 million dry tons of sludge each year. Because this sludge, commonly called "biosolids," is rich in plant nutrients, it is frequently applied to soils to fertilize plants and to improve the quality of soil.

  3. In 2009, a wastewater treatment plant experienced an "extreme spider situation", wherein over one hundred million spiders spun sheets of webs covering most of the interior of the plant.

  4. Over 107 million spiders made a communal 4 acre web in a wastewater treatment plant in Baltimore

  5. Every year about 95 pounds of gold--worth nearly $2 million--passes through Switzerland's wastewater treatment plants

  6. Due to the pollution in Narragansett Bay people in the upper region of the bay have been advised to avoid coming into contact with the water for at least three days following heavy rain. The wastewater treatment plants are unable to handle all of the water due to combined sewer and storm drains and raw sewage is often discharged into the bay during heavy rainfall.

  7. The use of aquatic plants to treat wastewater requires no maintenance, consumes no electricity, and costs less than one quarter of a traditional waste treatment system all while creating a new environment for wildlife

  8. In 2009 workers at a Baltimore Wastewater Treatment Plant called for help to deal with a community of over 100 million Orb-Weaver Spiders which created a web that covered approximately four acres.

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4% of US energy consumption is on drinking water and wastewater treatment. - source

Six wastewater treatment facilities in South Florida have been discharging an average of about 360 million gallons per day of treated wastewater into the ocean for decades through outfall pipes located 1 to 3 miles offshore. - source

107 million spiders of 31,000 different species infested a Baltimore Wastewater Treatment facility.

Portland's city council has approved a plan to take methane from its wastewater treatment plants and turn it into natural gas so it can be sold as an alternative to diesel fuel. - source

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