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A civil war veteran lived to see thermonuclear weapons and I Love Lucy

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The United States kept strategic bombers with armed thermonuclear weapons on continuous airborne alert near the Soviet Union border for over 8 straight years during the Cold War

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  1. Physicist Leo Szilard, who sounded the alarm against salted thermonuclear weapons enhanced with radioactive cobalt-60, treated his bladder cancer 10 years later with a self-designed treatment... of cobalt-60.

  2. A Civil War veteran lived to see thermonuclear weapons and "I Love Lucy"

  3. On January 17, 1966, there was an accident involving a mid-air refueling operation off the coast of Spain. 4 thermonuclear weapons were dropped in the process each with a yield of 70 kilotons or more (equal to 70 thousand tons of TNT) but none of them exploded.

  4. Edward Teller invited join the Opacity project at Columbia University which studied the properties of matter and radiation in conditions of extreme heat for use in thermonuclear weapons.

  5. Britain got informations on making thermonuclear weapons by giving the United States the recipe for VX gas

  6. In 1979 the United States Department of Energy attempted to block the publication of a magazine that revealed the secret of how thermonuclear weapons actually work. (link to pdf of actual article in comments)

  7. In 1961, a US bomber carrying thermonuclear bombs over North Carolina crashed and only one switch prevented the bombs, which had more explosive power than every weapon every exploded combined, from exploding. One bomb was recovered, and the other is still buried underground.

  8. Ivy Mike, the code name of the first test of a full-scale thermonuclear weapon, had part of the explosive yield come from nuclear fusion, making it one of the first fusion weapons successfully detonated

  9. A neutron bomb, officially termed as a type of Enhanced Radiation Weapon (ERW), is a low yield thermonuclear weapon in which a burst of neutrons generated by a nuclear fusion reaction is intentionally allowed to escape the weapon, rather than being absorbed by its other components.

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Adam Savage from Mythbusters once had the FBI call him to investigate his making of a thermonuclear detonator. Savage was recreating a prop from Return of the Jedi and mistakenly left a voicemail to the wrong phone number describing the "weapon."

It is possible to construct a thermonuclear weapon in which the three to four kilograms of plutonium, necessary for the ignition, are replaced by one microgram of antihydrogen - source

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