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When Robert FitzRoy, whom Charles Darwin travelled with around the world and later vehemently opposed to Darwin's views on evolution, killed himself due to depression and money troubles, Darwin donated a sizable sum to FitzRoy's widowed family to ensure they would not fall on hard times.

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Charles Darwin visited the Galapagos Islands when he was 26, in 1835 on a tour aboard the M.S. Beagle, with Captain Robert Fitzroy.

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  1. The mountain on the Patagonia logo, Mount Fitz Roy, is named after Robert FitzRoy, who was the captain of the HMS Beagle. Charles Darwin sailed aboard the Beagle, with FitzRoy at the helm, on his voyage that inspired his theories of evolution and natural selection.

  2. The UK Met (Meteorological) Office was founded by Charles’ Darwin’s Captain, Robert Fitzroy. He reinvented it as a weather prediction office, to warn sailors of bad weather at sea. It proved to be a controversial venture in its time, and the pressure of it drove Fitzroy to suicide.

  3. Charles Darwin was insecure about his nose. He nearly didn't sail on the Beagle because the ship's captain, Robert Fitzroy, didn't like Darwin's nose.

  4. The HMS Beagle of Darwin fame was responsible for creating our first scientific maps of ocean currents. The captain of the Beagle, Robert FitzRoy, would go on to be the first to make accurate weather forecasts.

  5. The captain of the HMS Beagle (the ship famous for Darwin's voyages), Admiral Robert Fitzroy invented the Weather Forecast.

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