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The newest and most advanced destroyer for the US navy is commanded by Capt. James Kirk

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The Enterprise's captain was originally James R. Kirk, and it was changed to "T" for "Tiberius" later in the series

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  1. They navy's largest, stealthiest and most advanced destroyer is commanded by Capt. James Kirk.

  2. The US Navy's newest guided missile destroyer is commanded by Captain James Kirk.

  3. The mask used by Michael Myers in the 1978 film Halloween was that of William Shatner as Capt. James T. Kirk

  4. Jack Nicholson, Warren Beatty, Kirk Douglas, and James Caan had secret tunnels connecting their homes to the Playboy Mansion

  5. Gene Roddenberry's 1979 novelization of Star Trek: The Motion Picture. James Kirk, hints at the possibility of a past romantic relationship with Spock

  6. James Kirk and Star Trek is based on the life of British Naval explorer Captain James Cook, the first European to map the eastern coast of Australia.

  7. There's a Captain James Kirk in the Navy...and he captains the Navy's most advanced ship.

  8. The new Zumwalt class destroyer is commanded by Captain James A. Kirk

  9. In a Space Foundation survey on the top 10 space heroes, Yuri Gagarin is tied with Capt. James Kirk.

  10. James Kirk climbed Yosemite's El Capitan without ropes or safety gear.

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the US Navy's most advanced warship ever, PCU Zumwalt, will be captained by a man named James Kirk when it is finished.

The Captain of the new USS Zumwalt is named James Kirk - source

The largest warship in the US fleet is captained by Capt James Kirk. - source

The captain of the new Zumwalt Class Destroyer is Captain James Kirk.

The man at the helm of the USN's futuristic new Destroyer is none other than Capt. James Kirk. - source

When was james t kirk born?

James Kirk will be the Captain of the US Navy destroyer, USS Zumwalt

How old is james t kirk?

James T. Kirk's middle name, "Tiberius" was created on the Star Trek animated series and not on any of the live action TV series or movies

James Kirk will captain one of the new US Navy futuristic destroyers

The commanding officer for the USS Zumwalt when it was commissioned in 2016 was Captain James Kirk.

About the USS Zumwalt, which is the US Navy's largest Destroyer built, guards the shores of Southern California with a long range ballistic system which can reach up to 100 Nautical miles. The ship's skipper is Captain James Kirk.

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