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The phrase "to turn a blind eye" comes from British Vice Admiral Nelson, who was blind in one eye; in one battle, when he was signaled to stop attacking a fleet of Danish ships, he held up a telescope to his blind eye, saying "I really do not see the signal," and attacked anyway

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Canada's elite special forces unit JTF2 once earned a US presidential unit citation whilst serving with Task Force K-Bar. Vice admiral Robert Harward, a US Navy SEAL in charge of the task force also stated that the JTF2 team under his command was his first choice for any direct action.

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  1. Three SR-71's flew over the Hanoi Hilton during the Viet Nam war - their sonic booms "the sound of thunder" to alert Vice Admiral Stockdale that if he could escape, Navy SEALs were waiting to rescue him

  2. The Surgeon General of the United States is, by law, a 3-star vice admiral and wears a uniform similar to those from the US Navy.

  3. During the Civil War, Farragut commanded four different ships and was promoted to vice admiral.

  4. The British fleet was led by Vice-Admiral Horatio Nelson. He commanded the gun ship HMS Victory during the Battle of Trafalgar. Around one pm. Nelson was shot by a marksman onboard the French gunship Redoubtable from a distance of about fifty feet. He was brought below deck and died about three and a half hours later.

  5. Vice Admiral John C. McCain led a carrier group in the battle under Admiral William Halsey of the 3rd Fleet. McCain was the grandfather of the late Senator John McCain from Arizona.

  6. The last surviving vice-admiral of the Japanese Imperial Navy retired from service in 1944 and died in 1993, aged 106

  7. England and Spain's relations grew much worse between 1585 and 1586, leading to an attempted invasion of England by the Spanish in 1588. The invasion failed due to Sir Francis Drake's position as vice admiral of the English Navy and his battle plans.

  8. Samuel Gravely Jr. was the first African American to command a major naval warship, the first African American admiral, the first African American to rise to the rank of Vice Admiral, and the first African-American to command a U.S. Fleet. One of the newest ships is named after him.

  9. A Russian vice-admiral who fought in the Second World War was debarred from joining the ranks of the youth division of the Soviet Communist party as a young man because a report claimed that he washed with "perfumed" soap.

  10. The last surviving vice-admiral of the Japanese Imperial Navy died in 1993, aged 106. Responsible for the invasion of Hong Kong, he survived the war as he retired from active service as Commander in Chief in March 1944

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After the Manila Massacre, the Japanese Army General, Tomoyuki Yamashita who was against the war and ordered his troops to leave Manila alone was charged with war crime by the US and hung, while the rear admiral who disobeyed his order and caused the massacre was promoted to vice admiral.

That, to inhibit algae growth in the freshwater supply on ships, a vice admiral started mixing in the rum rations. This would also cause the rum to spoil faster, so it stopped sailors from hoarding their ration to get drunk off of later. The concoction became known as "grog." - source

Vasily Arkhipov. The Soviet Vice Admiral who single handedly saved the world from nuclear annihilation in 1962. - source

Jane Austen included a dirty joke in one of her books. "[M]y home at my uncle’s brought me acquainted with a circle of admirals. Of Rears and Vices I saw enough."

of LTJG Tim "Snake" Dorsey, was prevented from becoming an Admiral, when congress discovered he had shot down a USAF F-4 during a 1987 exercise. It was thought by many that the young Aviator was protected by his Father, Vice Admiral James Dorsey, who himself had shot down a wingman in Vietnam - source

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Commander-in-Chief of Indian navy, and Chief of Naval Staff of Indian Navy were British until 11 years of independence. The first Indian appointed for Chief of Naval Staff - Vice Admiral Ram Das Kataria took office on 22 April 1958.

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Vice Admiral Seiichi Ito at first refused to deploy Yamato for her final battle, considering the operation Ten Go to be a pointless sacrifice. He only agreed when informed that the Emperor expected him to carry out the mission.

Admiral Zheng and his Vice-Admirals, Hong Bao and Zhou Man, beat Captain Cook to Australia by several centuries

Vice Admiral Kevin Cosgriff, commander of the US 5th fleet, warned Iran that the closing of the Strait of Hormuz, the only passage out of the Persian Gulf accounting for 20% of the worlds petroleum, would be a declaration of war.

Vice-Admiral Herbert King-Hall called the actions of the tug HMS Blackcock "most praiseworthy" when she assisted in the sinking of the Imperial Cruiser Königsberg.

According to the official rulebook of Amish living, called the 'Ordnung', full-length mirrors are forbidden in the home, as it is thought they promote vanity and self-admiration, which are both considered to be vices in the Amish religion.

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