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The first female to circumnavigate the globe was a goat, affectionately nicknamed "The Goat", who traveled around the world twice with Captains Wallis and Cook. Cook grew so fond of her he allowed her to live at his home after their voyage and noted her death in his personal journal

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Star Trek's Captain Kirk was named for explorer of the Pacific, Captain Cook and that the title of the pilot episode was an homage to one of Cook's diary entries: "ambition leads me ... farther than any other man has been before me"

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  1. Due to volcanic uplift, the beach on Iwo Jima where US troops came ashore in 1945 is now 56ft (17m) above sea level, and the beach where Captain Cook sent his surveying crew ashore in 1779 is now 131ft (40m) above sea level.

  2. Despite having killed Captain James Cook for kidnapping their chief, the Hawaiians treated Cook's body as if he was a Chief also, giving him royal funeral rights and turning his bones into a religious icon akin to that of medieval saint relics.

  3. A monument marking where Captain James Cook was killed in Hawaii, and about 25 square feet of land around it, is owned by the United Kingdom.

  4. Surfing was a sport in ancient Polynesia that was first observed by Europeans during Captain Cook’s voyage to Hawaii in 1788.

  5. Tonga became known as the Friendly Islands during the first visit of Captain James Cook in 1773. He arrived at the time of the ʻinasi festival so he received an invitation to the festivities. However, the chiefs actually wanted to kill Cook during the gathering but could not agree on a plan.

  6. When Captain James Cook became the first European to set foot in Hawaii in 1779 his arrival coincided with an annual festival honouring a god. Since the natives had never seen white men or massive sailing ships like Cook’s, they assumed he was their deity and lavished him with feasts and gifts

  7. European Captain James Cook was the first to explore Vancouver Island. The first to map the island was George Vancouver.

  8. Captain Cook used fresh shoots of spruce for the manufacture of alcoholic drink rich in vitamin C. Consumption of this beverage was obligatory among the crew during the long voyages to prevent scurvy, disorder induced by vitamin C deficiency.

  9. James Cook, a British Captain, surveyed Cook Inlet in 1778 and Russian traders began to establish themselves in the region in the years that followed.

  10. William Bligh, Captain of the Bounty, was an educated man, protege of Cook, and much more lenient on his men than other British ship Captains of his time.

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David Attenborough met Tu'i Malila, a tortoise from Madagascar presented to the Tongan Royal Family by Captain James Cook in July 1777

Banksia is named after English botanist Joseph Banks who collected and described these plants on his voyage to Australia with captain James Cook.

Bodyboarding originates from an ancient form of riding waves (surfing) on one's belly. Indigenous Polynesians rode "alaia" boards either on their belly, knees, or feet (in rare instances). Captain Cook recorded seeing Hawaiian villagers riding such boards when he came to Hawaii in 1778. - source

Many bridges have been built to cross the Brisbane River including the Victoria Bridge (1865), the William Jolly Bridge in 1932, the Story Bridge (1940), The Captain Cook Bridge (1972), the Gateway Bridge (1986), the Goodwill Bridge (2001), and a duplicate of the Gateway Bridge (2010).

There is a tiny patch of sovereign British soil in Hawaii, surrounding the monument to Captain Cook's death. According to my tour guide, they have to get permission from the British consulate in Los Angeles to mow the small area of grass around it. - source

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The first Europeans to visit Fiordland were Captain Cook and his crew, in the 1770s.

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Since 1770, when Captain James Cook determined that water encompassed the earth's southern latitudes, geographers have been debating the boundaries of the Southern Ocean.

After Captain James Cook kidnapped the ruling chief of Hawaii's Big Island, he was surrounded by thousands of Native Hawaiians who killed him, baked him to remove his flesh, and then returned some of his remains to his British crew.

John Wayne Gacy was a precinct captain for the Democratic Party in Cook County, Illinois

A chance meeting with someone who had accompanied Captain Cook on his expeditions led von Humboldt to decide to pursue scientific exploration in far-reaching locations.

The Endeavour - the ship used by Captain Cook to map Australia, New Zealand, and Hawaii - was sold into private hands in 1775 and renamed "Lord Sandwich."

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Captain cook was killed on Valentine's Day by Hawaiians.

Magnetic Island got it’s name because of an apparent "magnetic" effect it had on the ship's compass of Captain Cook as he passed the island when sailing up the east coast of Australia in 1770

The first structure built in Australia by Europeans is a tiny fortress built to protect survivors of a shipwreck from their mutinous colleagues. It was built more than a century and a half before Captain Cook's expeditions to Australia.

Tupaia, a Polynesian navigator who in 1769 guided Captain Cook and HMS Endeavour from Tahiti to New Zealand, a voyage of over 3,800km

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Captain James Cook was killed while attempting to kidnap the Hawaiian king to get back his boats that were stolen.

James Kirk and Star Trek is based on the life of British Naval explorer Captain James Cook, the first European to map the eastern coast of Australia.

Captain Birds Eye is the most recognised sea captain after Captain Cook.

The sailing ship 'Endeavour' that Captain Cook famously landed at Botany Bay in Australia in 1770 was later renamed "Lord Sandwich".

Captain James Cook was not only England's greatest explorer, he was a groundbreaking cartographer whose charts of Newfoundland were still in use in the early 20th century.

Captain James Cook dies after trying to kidnap the King of Hawai'i

The "Sandwich Islands" is what Captain James Cook named the Hawaiian Islands in 1778.

Admiral Zheng and his Vice-Admirals, Hong Bao and Zhou Man, beat Captain Cook to Australia by several centuries

Captain Cook's ship, the Endeavour, which carried him to Australia and New Zealand between 1769 and 1771, was sold and rechristened as the 'Lord Sandwich 2.'

DNA evidence proves that Migrants from INDIA settled in AUSTRALIA 4,000 years ago before Captain Cook's arrival!

The word "taboo" originated in Captain Cook's travels to Tonga

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