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In the Battle of Stalingrad, Sergeant Yakov Pavlov took refuge in an apartment building with 3 other men. 21 other men joined them, and the platoon held off a near-continuous onslaught of German troops for 58 days until reinforcements arrived to wipe out the Germans.

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Jackson's troops repulsed the assaults ordered by Pope as 28,000 reinforcements arrived, led by Confederate General James Longstreet, arrived.

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  1. WWI soldier Frederick Hobson, who went forward and dug out an MG, and one survivor, after a heavy barrage and fired it till it jammed. He then rushed forward with rifle and a club to hold off the Germans as the gunner fixed the MG. As he died the gun resumed firing and reinforcements arrived

  2. During WW2, German paratroopers captured a massive Belgian fort by literally landing on top of it in gliders. 85 paratroopers destroyed the outer emplacements, then held the fort and its 1000+ defenders until reinforcements arrived. They suffered only 6 KIA and 19 wounded.

  3. When Pope resumed assaults on Jackson's army on August 30, a counterattack from Longstreet's men swarmed over the Union troops. Pope had expected reinforcements from McClellan's army, but they did not arrive in time.

  4. During the Battle of Gettysburg, Gen.Barnes pulled his brigades back against orders, and when Gen. Birney arrived with reinforcements, Birney ordered Barnes's men to lie down and marched his own men over them

  5. Lt. Hiroo Onoda refused to surrender WW2 until 1974. Stationed on Lubang (Philippines), Onoda carried on a guerrilla warfare campaign against locals. Every night he wrote a report detailing his sabotage and reconnaissance missions, believing that Japanese reinforcements would one day arrive.

  6. During the campaign to recapture the Philippines from Japanese forces in 1945, a U.S soldier named John McKinney was single-handedly able to secure a crucial battlefield area before reinforcements arrived against superior numbers, which was over 100 Japanese soldiers.

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