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Ben L. Salomon, a dentist in the Battle of Saipan whose field hospital was overrun by the Japanese. He provided cover fire for the wounded to escape and then manned a machine gun for additional cover fire. When his body was found, 98 dead enemy soldiers were piled in front of his position.

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During the Battle of Saipan, plague-infested fleas were intended to be used against American combatants. However, the Japanese submarine carrying the fleas was sunk by the American submarine Swordfish off Chichi Jima

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  1. At the Battle of Saipan, in 1944, when the U.S. won 6,000 people committed suicide rather than surrender. About 1,000 of them were civilians who killed themselves by jumping off cliffs. All totaled, around 55,000 people lost their lives in that 3 week stretch.

  2. Ben L. Salomon, a U.S. Army dentist during WW2, assigned as a front line surgeon. When the Japanese started overrunning his hospital, he took action, allowing the safe evacuation of the wounded and killing as many as 98 enemy troops before being killed himself during the Battle of Saipan.

  3. Due to the Japanese loss in the Battle of the Philippine Sea, the Japanese defenders on Saipan had no air cover.

  4. The Japanese believed that the American fleet and V Amphibious Corps was going to strike farther south so the Marianna Islands were only protected by fifty land based aircrafts.

  5. Seeing that the defense of the island was hopeless, the surviving Japanese soldiers, and many Japanese civilians, attacked the American lines with a furious banzai charge on July 7.

  6. All of the Japanese commander were either killed in the battle or committed seppuku (ritual suicide).

  7. The amphibious Marine landings began on the west side of the island on June 15 at 7:00 am. By 9:00 am there were 8,000 Marines on the island.

  8. Admiral Richmond K. Turner of the United States Navy and General Holland Smith of the United States Marine Corps planned the U.S. invasion.

  9. There were about 25,000 Japanese civilians living on the island.

  10. The Battle of the Philippine Sea took place from June 19 to June 20, 1944 just west of the Marianna Islands. As the Marines were storming the beaches of Saipan, the Japanese decided to move their entire fleet to the Marianna Islands to engage the Americans in a decisive conflict. The result was an American victory that all but destroyed the Japanese fleet.

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The American forces numbered about 71,000 men, while the Japanese had 32,000 soldiers on the island.

U.S. Army units joined the battle after the Marines had established a beachhead.

Nearly 3,500 Americans were killed in the battle, while nearly all of the 29,000 Japanese soldiers were killed in the battle or committed suicide. A few hundred Japanese soldiers held out in the wilderness for nearly two years.

Ben L. Salomon, a dentist in the US army during world war 2 who allegedly killed 96 japenese soldiers during the Battle of Saipan whilst mortally wounded

Saipan's airstrip was on the southern end of the island, which was quickly taken by the Marines.

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As was the case with the other small, volcanic islands in the Pacific the Japanese held, the defenders used caves, mines, and booby traps on Saipan.

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In the WW2 battle of Saipan a Japanese speaking Mexican-American US Marine single handedly captured over 1500 Japanese soldiers and civilians, thus saving their lives.

An 18 year old marine singlehandedly persuaded 1,500 soldiers at the battle of Saipan to surrender. He was only able to do this because his japanese foster parents had taken him in off the streets when he was 12 and taught him their language.

The largest Banzai Charge took place during the Battle of Saipan, more than 4,300 people, consisting of both soldiers and civilians, some wounded, on crutches and barely armed, stormed the American frontlines. The attack lasted for 15 hours, killing and wounding over 650 American soldiers.

An 18 year old US marine singlehandedly persuaded 1,500 Japanese soldiers at the battle of Saipan to surrender. He was only able to do this because his japanese foster parents had taken him in off the streets when he was 12 and taught him informal Japanese.

-- At the "Battle of Saipan" in the Pacific in WWII, U.S. soldier Harold Agerholm commandeered a jeep and evacuated 45 wounded U.S. soldiers from the combat zone... all while under enemy fire. He was shot dead by a Japanese sniper.

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Ben L. Salomon, a Jewish dentist, killed at least 98 men defending his patients in the Battle of Saipan.

-- At the "Battle of Saipan" in the Pacific in WWII, U.S. soldier Thomas Baker was mortally wounded. He requested to be left on the field, armed with only a pistol and 8 bullets. His dead body was later discovered surrounded by the corpses of 8 Japanese soldiers.

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