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Zulu warriors preferred to be as brave as a hippopotamus, since even lions were not considered to match its courage. They would chant their chief: "He is a lion. Yes, he is better than a lion – he is a hippopotamus."

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South Africa is Known for the Zulu culture, which has warriors bearing shields, as well as for their beehive huts and bead and basket work.

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  1. The illustrious Napoléonic blood-line ended in South Africa when Louis-Napoléon, the Prince Imperial, succumbed to 18 spear wounds inflicted by Zulu warriors. A contributing factor was that his horse, “Fate”, bolted away from him at the last minute and thus ended all hope of escape.

  2. The Battle of Rorke's Drift (1879), wherein 150 British Army soldiers (40 of which were hospital patients) defended a Hospital and defeated 4,000 Zulu warriors.

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