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New York Yankee's pitcher David Wells stayed out all night partying until the next morning. While hung over he pitched a perfect game, retiring all 27 batters he faced marking the 15th perfect game in MLB history.

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A female minor league pitcher struck out Babe Ruth and Lou Gerhig back-to-back in 1928. Her contract was voided; in 1952 MLB officially banned women, which was not rescinded until 1992.

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  1. MLB pitcher Daniel Norris lives off just $800 a month, despite a million dollar salary. He says "Who am I to deserve that? What have I really done?" and "I'm actually more comfortable being kind of poor."

  2. MLB pitcher Justin Verlander, while in high school, agreed to give his friend .1% of his eventual signing bonus in exchange for $.50 so that he could buy a chocolate milk. His signing bonus ended up being over three million dollars.

  3. Dock Ellis was a MLB pitcher. He claims to have never pitched a single game while sober. He crowning achievement is pitching a no hitter while high on LSD.

  4. Nolan Ryan is the only pitcher in MLB history to have struck out seven pairs of fathers and sons.

  5. 42 year old New York Mets pitcher Bartolo Colon used stem cells to regenerate broken tissue in his throwing arm. He is the oldest pitcher in the MLB.

  6. A 17-year-old Japanese pitcher struck out 9 MLB stars including Babe Ruth & Lou Gehrig. He refused to join MLB saying "My problem is I hate America, and I can't make myself like Americans." He had a 1.74 ERA over 7 seasons in Japan before joining the navy in 1943 where he died in action.

  7. After 27 years in the MLB, at age 46, Nolan Ryan's final pitch clocked in at 89 mph. He had a lifetime winning percentage of .526, was an eight-time MLB All-Star, and his 5,714 career strikeouts rank first in baseball history. Ryan also threw a record 7 no-hitters, 3 more than any pitcher.

  8. Despite throwing 7 no-hitters (most all time), striking out 5,714 batters (also most all time), and winning over 300 games, former MLB pitcher Nolan Ryan never won a Cy Young Award

  9. In 1970, a MLB pitcher named Dock Ellis mistakenly took LSD before a game. He pitched a no hitter.

  10. MLB player Shoeless Joe Jackson was originally a pitcher but threw the baseball so hard that he broke the catchers arm. So they moved him to the outfield.

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mlb pitcher fact data chart about Jacob deGrom is just the 17th pitcher in MLB history to win
Jacob deGrom is just the 17th pitcher in MLB history to win the Cy Young on a losing team

mlb pitcher fact data chart about Former Astros pitcher Nolan Ryan's career strikeouts compare
Former Astros pitcher Nolan Ryan's career strikeouts compared to every other MLB pitcher

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The "Eephus Pitch" is a very low-speed junk pitch used to catch a batter off-guard after a pitcher has been throwing higher velocity pitches, however, in today's MLB, it is a rarity.

Despite a $2 million signing bonus, MLB pitcher Daniel Norris chooses to live out of a 1978 VW van in the off-season. - source

Jim Abbott was a very successful MLB pitcher through the 90's who only had one hand. - source

The first wife of former MLB pitcher, Milt Pappas, mysteriously disappeared on 9/11/1982. Though the notorious Chicago Rippers were suspected, they were unable to lead police to her remains. Nearly five years later, her car and body were found in a drained pond four blocks from their home.

In 2014, MLB veteran Jeff Francoeur was signed to a Minor League deal with the Padres, and was convinced by his teammates that pitcher Jorge Reyes was deaf. They kept up the bit for months before telling him. - source

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Former MLB pitcher R.A. Dickey was born without the UCL ligament in his throwing arm and it was not discovered until after he was drafted out of college

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Hall of Fame MLB pitcher Pedro Martinez had a "lucky midget" he kept with him to win the 2004 World Series...

The shortest baseball game in MLB history. In August, 1916, the Asheville Tourists and the Salem Twins played a 31 minute game in which pitchers lobbed the ball and batters swung at the first pitch. Why? The game was scheduled for 2 o'clock but Asheville had to catch train back home at 3pm.

In 2007 a struggling MLB pitcher bought his aunt’s land so she could afford nursing home fees. A surveyor then informed him that he couldn’t build a house there because his new property was covered with $2.5 Billion worth of landscaping rock.

The Venditte Rule in MLB was created after Pat Venditte became the first ever active, ambidextrous switch-pitcher

Legendary MLB Pitcher Cy Young's real name was Denton True "Cy" Young.

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So I made this to see how productive MLB pitchers have been in relation to their salary. Please help me make it more beautiful.

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In 1912, Detroit Tigers pitcher Allan Travers pitched a complete game in which he gave up 26 hits, 24 runs (14 earned), 7 walks, and 1 strikeout. The Tigers lost 24-2. That was his only appearance in MLB.

There have been 5 MLB no-hitters thrown but the pitcher and team still lost the game.

Brand new baseballs are 'mudded' before being used in a MLB game to help remove shine and improve pitchers feel of the ball.

Sports Illustrated created a fiction Mets Baseball pitcher for their 1985 April 1st issue. The player went to Harvard, learned yoga in Tibet, and could throw 168 mph. Upon releasing the article, other teams GMs called Commissioner of the MLB to ask how his batters could face the pitcher safely.

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There has never been a right handed pitcher from high school taken with the first overall pick of the MLB Draft. However, there have been three left-handed high school pitchers taken first overall.

MLB pitcher Trevor Bauer attempted a music career and It’s terrible.

George "Doc" Medich, MD was an MLB pitcher (& NCAA tight end) who completed his undergrad & medical education at Pitt while playing pro baseball, and TWICE resuscitated fans having heart attacks during games

MLB All-Star pitcher Zach Greinke missed the majority of the 2006 baseball season due to his struggles with depression and social anxiety disorder.

MLB pitcher Ernie once threw a "perfect game", getting 27 outs without allowing a baserunner, but it's only credited with a combined no-hitter because he pitched in relief of Babe Ruth, who was ejected after walking the first batter and punching the umpire.

MLB pitcher Jim Bouton wrote a memoir in 1970 that described publicly for the first time the drug use and womanizing that were commonplace among baseball players. Thereafter, whenever Bouton pitched against the Cincinnati Reds, Pete Rose would yell “Fuck you, Shakespeare!” at him from the dugout

Long-time MLB pitcher Bronson Arroyo released an album in 2005 covering various popular Alt. Rock songs from the 90s. Guest appearances include Stephen King and select Red Sox players from the era.

At the time of his retirement, MLB pitcher Jamie Moyer had faced 8.9% of all MLB hitters ever

Billy Wagner, a former MLB pitcher, was born right-handed but taught himself to throw left-handed after breaking his right arm twice as a young boy. He went on to be a 7x All-Star and Relief Pitcher of the Year in 1999 as a left-handed pitcher.

There was an MLB pitcher that started his career at the age of 15. He gave up 5 Earned Runs in his one and only appearance. He voluntarily retired after this appearance..... until the age of 23. He then went on to appear in two All-star games and had a very good career.

Jim Abbott, a former MLB pitcher with only 1 arm, has more hits than Jon Lester, a current MLB pitcher with more at bats and 2 arms. (Lester's Stats in Comments)

The only member of the MLB to attend Eddie Gaedel, the only dwarf to come to bat in the MLB, was Bob Cain, the pitcher who pitched to him.

About Ken Johnson, the only MLB pitcher too lose a no-hitter.

The MLB pitcher with the most career losses is Cy Young, the player who they've named the Cy Young Award after.

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