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In the 1950's nuclear bomb tests at the Nevada Proving Grounds were often a Las Vegas attraction. You'd be able to see the mushroom clouds and feel the massive seismic shock waves produced by the bombs.

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The "Well to Hell" hoax, where it was reported than a group of Russian engineers (while drilling into the ground) broke into Hell, and screams of the damned could be heard. The Trinity Broadcasting Network ran with the story and claimed it proved the existence of Hell.

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  1. Every rainbow is a circle, but from the ground, only its upper half can be seen. Pilots have noticed full-circle rainbows outside their plane windows, proving that if you get high enough, you can see a rainbow in its entirety.

  2. In the 1936 Olympics, promoted by Hitler to prove that whites are superior, Peru beat Austria 4-2 on soccer, even though they had 3 other goals nullified. Later, the Olympic Comitee nullified the match and scheduled a rematch, to be taken under close grounds. Peru withdrew from the Olympics

  3. In 1957, five US Air Force officers volunteered to stand at 'ground zero' directly under a nuclear explosion 18,500 feet above their heads to 'prove how safe it was'

  4. Newly declassified public records obtained via the Freedom of Information Act shed light on Utah’s Dugway Proving Ground military experiments. Tests involved human exposure to biological and chemical agents while others studied weaponized mosquitos released on civilian populations in the U.S.

  5. Life on earth contains elevated levels of radioactive carbon (C14) from above-ground nuclear tests of the 50s and 60s. C14 levels have steadily decreased, allowing scientists to measure the age of cells in humans, and prove that parts of the brain regenerate.

  6. The Battle of Olumpali, which took place near an Indian village, was the first major engagement of the revolt. Although casualties on both sides were relatively minor, the Bear flaggers stood their ground and proved that their American made rifles were superior to the muskets of the Mexican militias.

  7. In 1878 – Eadweard Muybridge took a series of photographs to prove that all four feet of a horse leave the ground when it gallops (animation pictured), which became the basis of motion pictures.

  8. The Dugway sheep incident, where six thousand sheep were killed outside the Dugway Proving Ground facility in Utah in 1968. It was later found that they were killed by a nerve agent sprayed by a jet aircraft during a test operation by the US Army.

  9. She programmed the ENIAC computer at Aberdeen Proving Ground to solve criticality problems for a liquid metal cooled reactor.

  10. 5 men stood 10,000ft under a 2 kiloton air-to-air nuclear missile to prove it would be safe to use with ground forces in combat below.

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Up until 1872, people weren't sure if all four hooves left the ground at the same time during a horse's gallop. The question was finally settled by photographer Eadweard Muybridge, whose work proved that the answer is yes, but opposite to the way depicted by contemporary illustrators.

When commercial flights were grounded after the 9/11 attacks, the absence of contrails for three days proved that contrails do in fact change the average daily temperature range by over a degree Celsius and contribute to the forming of new clouds. - source

An investigation revealed that Dugway Proving Grounds has mistakenly sent out at least 194 live samples of anthrax - source

Ernest Hemingway, Code-name "Argo," was involved in spycraft more sustained and fraught with risk than previously understood. Reynolds, a CIA intelligence agent and historian, discovered Soviet documents that prove he had been recruited by the NKVD, "for our work on ideological grounds."

Above-ground nuclear weapons testing in St. Louis led to widespread amounts of radiation exposure in the 1950's. Researchers analyzed 300,000 baby teeth collected from elementary schools to prove their findings. - source

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An American V-2 rocket launched from White Sands Proving Ground in 1947 went off course and crashed near Juarez, Mexico, creating a crater 50 feet wide and 24 feet deep.

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An investigation found Dugway Proving Grounds has accidentally sent out 194 samples live anthrax

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