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The inventor of the Erector Set also released an "Atomic Energy Laboratory" that included real uranium ore. One suggested activity was to play "hide and seek with the gamma ray source" by using the included Geiger counter to find a radioactive sample hidden in a room.

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The 1950 toy lab set "Gilbert U-238 Atomic Energy Laboratory" contained uranium ore, polonium, a Geiger counter and a cloud chamber.

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  1. Spiderwort is natures Geiger counter the petals of the flower turn from blue to pink when exposed to radiation

  2. A.C.Gilbert's science based toys were so popular that he was called 'the man who saved christmas' by the papers.For a year, his company sold a kids 'atomic energy lab' complete with Geiger counter, mini cloud chamber, and samples of several radioactive elements.

  3. The Manhatten Project raised background radiation levels so much, that for a long time geiger counters were built out of pre-1940s steel, mainly salvaged from sunken battleships

  4. All steel produced post WWII is slightly radioactive and can't be used in Geiger Counters

  5. There is a city in Russia so contaminated with nuclear waste, that people check their food with a Geiger counter before purchase.

  6. In 1933 received his doctorate at the University of Tubingen where his doctoral advisor was Hans Geiger, inventor of the Geiger counter.

  7. In 1924 he published a paper on his method of coincidence which states that when a single particle passes through two Geiger counters, the pulses from each are coincident in time.

  8. The Stasi, East Germany's secret police during the Cold War, supposedly used radiation to track enemies of the state. Once given a dose large enough to track, officers could follow suspects, their documents and money with geiger counters.

  9. In 1929 he was able to demonstrate cosmic and ultraviolet rays by passing them through a Geiger counter array.

  10. All steel used in Geiger counters must be from before 1945 so as not to be contaminated with radiation from nuclear weapons.

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geiger counter fact data chart about I released a high altitude balloon into stratosphere with Ge
I released a high altitude balloon into stratosphere with Geiger–Müller counter and measured this interesting graph- radiation dose equivalent vs altitude. The first peak is caused

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The people responsible for Rutherford-Bohr model of atoms, discovery of atomic nucleus, splitting the atom, neutrons, x-ray crystallography, cosmic rays, creation of the Geiger counter, radio astronomy, geomagentism and the first digital computer - all worked at the University of Manchester, UK.

In 1951 bumbling comic strip husband Dagwood Bumstead was used to promote a "toy" called the Gilbert U-238 Atomic Energy Lab. For $49.50 parents could buy their kids a kit that included a Geiger counter and Uranium samples. (Scroll down to the last item, past the other dangerous toys.) - source

By using banks of Geiger counters and Bothe's method of coincidence it is possible to determine the angular distribution of cosmic rays.

1950's children's chemistry sets came with uranium for children to experiment with and a Geiger counter to detect its radiation (U.S. only).

The same company that produced Erector sets also made the Gilbert U-238 Atomic Energy Lab, a kids' science kit containing a Geiger counter and samples of uranium ore - source

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A 1950s toy, the "Gilbert U-238 Atomic Energy Laboratory," came with four sources of radiation and a Geiger counter. It was pulled from the shelves after a year.

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