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The US has refused to continue funding the nuclear claims tribunal set up to compensate islanders that suffered radiation-related diseases from testing. So far it's paid less than $4 million of a $2.2 billion damage judgement. More than half of the affected islanders have died since.

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Following the Trinity nuclear test in New Mexico, a blind woman 150 miles from the site asked, "What's that brilliant light?".

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  1. The bikini was named after a Pacific island the United States bombed during nuclear testing nuclear testing, displacing the entire population and rendering the island uninhabitable. The bikini was supposed to have the same "explosive" effect on men who saw women wearing it.

  2. Actor Martin Sheen has been arrested a total of 66 times for protesting and acts of civil disobedience - most recently in 2007 for trespassing at a Nevada nuclear test facility.

  3. The Bikini Atoll’s flag is similar to the USA flag, but with black stars representing islands destroyed by nuclear testing, to serve as a reminder of the debt the US still owes them for nuclear fallout and radiation poisoning.

  4. In 1945, Kodak accidentally discovered the US were secretly testing nuclear bombs because the fallout made their films look fogged

  5. There is a concrete dome in the Marshall Islands containing tonnes of nuclear waste the US left there during Cold War testing and there is a large risk of it leaking due to rising sea levels. Nothing is being done about this.

  6. The cesium test. To test if an old bottle of wine is genuine it is tested for cesium 137. If there is none present, the bottle predates 1945 and the nuclear age.

  7. An American Airforce Sergeant found a dead General while he was on his way to work at area 25, a nuclear test area in Nevada. It turns out the General had ejected while flying a captured Russian Mig at Mach 2. The force of the air at that speed instantly snapped his neck and killed him.

  8. John Wayne likely died from cancer caused by radiation poisoning. 90 other cast and crew also developed cancers after shooting The Conqueror downwind from recent US government nuclear weapons tests.

  9. In 1961, a little girl wrote a letter to JFK asking if Santa Claus was okay during the Soviet's nuclear testing at the North Pole. Kennedy wrote back to her saying that he spoke with Santa and that he's okay.

  10. Prior to the first nuclear bomb detonation in July of 1945, isotopes such as strontium-90 and cesium-137 simply did not exist in nature." Pieces of art and bottles of wine created before 1945 can be tested for cesium, if they contain traces of cesium they would almost certainly be fake.

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Recordings of Five North Korea Nuclear Tests

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North Korea's Nuclear Tests, by the numbers

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John Wayne died of stomach cancer, which is highly suggested to have been caused by filming downwind of a nuclear weapons test. Wayne refused to believe the fallout caused his cancer and instead attributed it to his smoking. However, 90 others from the movie also developed cancer after. - source

An employee of the Kodak Camera Company discovered in the 40s that there must have been some sort of nuclear test on United States mainland. Realizing the importance of his discovery, he kept his findings a secret until 1949. - source

In 1961 a little girl wrote to President Kennedy concerned about the safety of Santa Claus amid Soviet nuclear testing at the North Pole. Kennedy wrote back that he had spoken to Santa and that he was fine.

The 1955 film, "The Conqueror", was filmed downwind of the site of 11 above-ground nuclear bomb tests. Of the 220 people who worked on the movie, 91 developed cancer and 46 died, including John Wayne. - source

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Biologists went to Bikini Atoll a year after the nuclear tests, caught a fish, held it up to photograph paper, and took an x-ray image using rays coming from inside the fish.

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Low-background steel, which has not been contaminated by radioactive fallout from nuclear tests and is used in equipment sensitive to radiation, primarily comes from salvaged ships sunk before the Trinity test.

Tuckaleechee Caverns in Tennessee are used to detect underground nuclear tests all over the world through seismic activity in the dense limestone.

The USA developed at least 2 working nuclear thermal rocket engines that were twice as efficient as chemical rockets, tested them both in the open air at Jackass Flats near Area 51, and deemed them ready to power a manned spaceflight mission to Mars.

France has done more nuclear weapons testing than the UK, China, Pakistan, India and North Korea combined

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Historical context of yield estimate of recent North Korea nuclear test

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In 1952, 1000 british men were ordered to strip to the waist and watch Britain's first nuclear bomb test from a few miles away. Now, the few survivors and their children have severe health problems.

Physicist Ted Taylor was the first person to light a cigarette using a nuclear bomb. During a bomb test in 1952, he used a parabolic mirror to concentrate the light of the blast enough to heat a cigarette suspended from a tiny wire.

Due to a miscalculation, the largest nuclear bomb ever tested by the United States was accidentally three times stronger than expected. This resulted in most of the test equipment being destroyed or vaporized rendering the experiment a failure.

A post WWII tank that was used in a nuclear test (and was still drivable, they just had to refill the fuel tank) stayed in service for 23 years afterwards and saw combat

There's a huge illegal industry that salvages old shipwrecks that predate nuclear testing to get steel untainted by atmospheric radiation.

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U.S. nuclear testing in the Bikini Atoll dislocated natives to an island 1/6 its size. Each native gets $550/year as compensation.

In the 1950's nuclear bomb tests at the Nevada Proving Grounds were often a Las Vegas attraction. You'd be able to see the mushroom clouds and feel the massive seismic shock waves produced by the bombs.

During the 1950s, the U.S. military tested nuclear weapons so close to Las Vegas, that you could clearly see the mushroom clouds from downtown Hotels. This became a temporary tourist attraction.

In 1984 celebrity astronomer Carl Sagan, the actor Martin Sheen, the Pentagon Papers whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg and PGP-creator Phil Zimmermann were in police jail together. They had been arrested after breaking into the Nevada nuclear test site.

In 1954, the US tested their first dry fuel nuclear bomb, "Castle Bravo". The explosion was 3x larger than expected. The fallout affected a 100 mile radius, and material traveled as far as India and Australia. It is the most significant radioactive contamination ever caused by the US.

The core of the first nuclear weapon was driven to the test range in the back seat of a scientist's car.

The Vela Incident, A nuclear explosion in the Indian ocean of unknown origin. The most widespread theory is that it was a joint Apartheid South African-Israeli nuclear test.

The first nuclear missile test in space "starfish prime" knocked out several allied satellites and disabled communications on Hawaii.

The US built a gigantic concrete dome to cover up one of its nuclear test craters

In 1952, President Carter was one of the US Nuclear officers sent to Canada to enter and disassemble a crippled Canadian nuclear reactor. He personally entered the reactor to help disassemble the core, and tested positive for radiation for several months afterwards.

In 1962 the USSR decided to test a 300kt nuclear bomb in space over a populated area, the resulting EMP fused 350 miles of telephone lines, shut down 621 miles of buried power cables and burnt down a power station. The following year they signed & ratified a treaty banning tests in outer space.

The United States tested nuclear weapons in Micronesia and used their population as live guinea pigs to study the effects of long-term radiation exposure.

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