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An invasion of Canada that would have likely handed control of the Niagara peninsula to the USA was thwarted when one woman overheard the plans, walked 20 miles through wilderness, and warned a British Lieutenant. The invading Americans were ambushed and promptly surrendered.

how did german plan to invade france?

After killing Alexander Hamilton, Aaron Burr traveled to Europe and solicited funds to raise an army and invade Mexico. He planned on making himself the king of Mexico.

What was the codename given to germany’s plan to invade the ussr?

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what name was given to the allied plan to invade france?

  1. "Operation Unthinkable". Winston Churchills plan to invade his Russian allies immediately after winning WW2. His plan was to enlist the help of the USA and the defeated German army.

  2. Canada had a plan to invade America. Canada's Director of Military Operations developed a plan to quickly take US crossing points before destroying bridges and retreating. The budget was only $1,200, so the director drove to US locations to pick up free maps from gas stations.

  3. After the death of Pope Julius II, (the militaristic "warrior pope" who emulated Caesar) the scholar Erasmus wrote a satirical dialogue in which the pope is denied entrance at the gates of heaven, ending with him planning to invade Paradise using the same tactics he applied when alive.

  4. Ottomans had plans to invade eastern Armenia and continue their genocide there in May 1918 however, thanks to the ferocious defence of 9.000 armenians, the invasion was repelled and Ottomans were forced to recognize Armenia as an independent nation.

  5. The Joint Chiefs of Staff planned a series of terrorist attacks on US cities, and wanted to blame Cuba, so they could invade it (more links in the comments).

  6. The Nazi Party planned to hold a rally on September 2-11, 1939 to illustrate their desire for peace to other countries. It was cancelled on short notice, because on September 1st, Germany invaded Poland

  7. During WW2, British Intelligence dressed up a dead tramp as a Royal Marine Officer. They placed personal items on the tramp, including correspondence between two generals that the Allies planned to invade Greece and Sardinia. This deception drew German forces away from the true target, Sicily.

  8. Pre-WW1 Germany had plans to reduce U.S economic and political influence by invading the east coast of the United States. "Plan 3" involved roughly 100,000 soldiers with the objective of capturing New York and Boston.

  9. A 14-year-old Henry II tried to take the English throne from his uncle (Stephen I) by invading England w/o his parent's permission & w/o any money. When his plan failed and he couldn't pay his troops, he had to ask his uncle for money so he could sail back to France.

  10. The Union had invaded Nashville and the Confederates were working on a plan to force the Union troops out of Tennessee.

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What was the plan to invade japan?

Why did american forces plan to invade canada?

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Napoleon wanted his money quickly because he had intended to invade England. He never succeeded in his plan.

Until 1935, the country most likely to invade the mainland United States was thought to be Great Britain. The U.S. had a war plan ready to implement that included attacking and occupying Canada. - source

Planning for the campaign was a bit of a compromise. The British wanted to use naval supremacy for a long-term piecemeal strategy, while the Americans wanted to attack the continent immediately. Commanders from the two nations agreed to first invade North Africa and then Italy.

In 1803, Napoleon planned to invade the United Kingdom using all of the $11,250,000 ($236 million in 2014) he had made by selling Louisiana to the Americans. Part of his plan was to use balloons to cross the English Channel and attack England.

Churchill planned to invade the Soviet Union immediately after the end of WWII, using the disbanded German Wehrmacht as frontline soldiers. - source

When did the united states plan to invade japan?

Prior to WW2, the US developed actual plans to invade Canada, including gas attacks against major Canadian cities

In the late 1920s the United States Army created several colour-coded war plans, including War Plan Red, in which the US Army estimated the requirements for a hypothetical war with the British Empire. Even planning a series of possible precautionary campaigns to invade Canada.

Switzerland has a defense plan that includes rigging all alpine infrastructure to blow up if an invader were at it's borders, making it the hardest country to invade

One of the main reasons why the Normandy invasion was successful was due to General Patton, while using inflatable balloons in the shapes of tanks and trucks, made Hitler believe the Aliied invasion would happen 150 miles northeast of where the Allies planned to invade from.

Churchill had a plan to declare war on the Soviet Union in 1945 to push the Red Army out of eastern Europe, The US also had a Soviet war plan. Stalin also had plans to invade France and Italy after Germany fell, but scrapped them after hearing about the US atomic bomb tests.

About Operation Unthinkable: Britain's secret plan to invade Russia in 1945

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The US Army was planning on training 2 million dogs to invade Japenese islands in WWII

The US had plans to invade Canada and in 1935 built air bases along the Canadian border to support the invasion.

From 1897 to 1903, Kaiser Wilhelm II ordered his military commanders to devise plans to invade the United States

Hitler planned to turn Blackpool in the UK into the go-to holiday resort for weary Nazi invaders looking for a bit of R&R. It’s for this reason the seaside resort was deliberately spared by the Luftwaffe.

The USA had plans to invade Canada and go to war with Britan in the 1930's

A 1930s American plan to invade Canada included the preemptive use of chemical weapons; the War Department also approved construction of three airfields specifically to support an invasion, only to backtrack when the plan leaked

The US had a set of color coded war plans (including "war plan red", to invade Canada)

Plan R 4, a plan which the British would invade Norway and Sweden under false pretenses of supporting the Finns in their war against the Soviets.

In 1974 English and West German generals played a wargame to see what would have happened if Operation Sealion (the German plan to invade Britain) had taken place. The Germans lost badly.

Germany considered a minor invasion of the United States around 1900. The plan involved invading Boston and New York, causing Americans to panic, and thus allowing Germany to colonize in the Western Hemisphere without interference.

The British believed that it was so unlikely that the Falkland Islands would be invaded, they had no contingency plan in place. The task force was put together from just about anything available within a matter of days.

During his time as a Commander for Naval Intelligence, Ian Fleming drafted an allied plan for if the Nazis invaded Gibraltar. He named it 'Operation Goldeneye'.

About Operation Soberania, a plan that the Argentine dictatorship had to invade Chile in 1978, Argentine troops and Chilean troops aimed themselves at the border for two weeks waiting for the declaration of war from Argentina, for unknown reasons to this day, Argentina did not attack.

In 2001, former U.S. army reserve officer Jonathan Idema secretly invaded Afghanistan, planning to identify and capture terrorists. For years, he ran a secret private prison and tortured Afghan citizens suspected of terrorism. It is likely that most of his victims were actually innocent.

Taiwan had plans to invade and retake mainland China, post-Civil War. It was led by the first President of the ROC Chiang Kai-shek. Kai-shek effectively geared up the nation for a recapture of the mainland, but was cancelled in 1972 after numerous failures with deaths and active US opposition.

Kaiser Wilhelm had plans for invading the United States in WWI. One involved invading Boston and New York City outright. Once that was deemed unrealistic, the Germans thought about invading Cape Cod.

Taiwan had plans to invade and retake mainland China, post-Civil War. It was led by the first President of the ROC Chiang Kai-shek. Kai-shek effectively geared up the nation for a recapture of the mainland, but was cancelled in 1972 after numerous failures with deaths and active US opposition.

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