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About Juan Pujol Garcia, a spy who single handedly saved thousands of lives during D-Day by using his made-up network of spies to convince the Germans that another attack was going to happen in Calais instead of Normandy. He was also the only person to be decorated by both the Axis and Allies.

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A Spanish double agent, Juan Pujol Garcia got medals for spying from both Nazi Germany and the British Empire. He ran a fake spy network in London for Germany and recruited 27 fictitious agents all on German dime to provided them with fake intelligence during WW2.

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  1. Juan Pujol Garcia was a British double agent during WWII. He told Hitler D-Day would happen at the Strait of Dover, earning him the German Iron Cross. It was actually carried out at Normandy, earning him the British MBE.

  2. Juan Pujol Garcia, aka Agent GARBO,was only allowed to become an agent for the British after first becoming a spy for the Nazis. Through his network of fabricated agents, GARBO ensured the success of D-Day by reporting to the Nazis that the Allied invasion would instead occur in Calais.

  3. Juan Pujol García, a WWII double agent who was so successful he was awarded both the Nazi Iron Cross as well as an MBE (British knighthood), becoming one of the only people in the world to have been highly decorated by both sides of the war.

  4. Juan Pujol Garcia, a Spanish chicken farmer who was a double agent for the British during WWII, received both an Iron Cross and MBE.

  5. Juan Pujol Garcia, a Spaniard who was tasked by the British MI5 in World War 2 to feed misinformation to German intelligence, has the distinction of being the only man to have received a German Iron Cross, Second Class and a Member of the Order of the British Empire.

  6. Juan Pujol García was a Spanish citizen who deliberately became a double agent against Nazi Germany during WWII. Pujol had the distinction of receiving decorations from both sides, gaining an Iron Cross from Germany and a Member of the Order of the British Empire from Britain.

  7. Juan Pujol Garcia, a man who was the best double agent during World War 2, by creating multiple personas and leading the Nazis on a false trail. Originally found out from Anirudh Ramkumar. Link to his amazing answer in the description.

  8. During WW2 Juan Pujol tried to become a spy for the British but was denied, so he created a false identity and became a "spy" for the Nazis. Soon thereafter, Pujol was accepted as a spy for the British. He eventually earned the highest military honors from both nations.

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