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"Operation Unthinkable". Winston Churchills plan to invade his Russian allies immediately after winning WW2. His plan was to enlist the help of the USA and the defeated German army.

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Churchill had two secret plans created in case he needed to go to war with the USSR, called Operation Unthinkable. These plans were so secretive, they weren't revealed to the public until 1998.

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  1. [TIL]Winston Churchill had a plan set forth called "Operation Unthinkable" which called for the Allies to link up with surviving German forces and attack the Soviets if the USSR did not stop their advance at Berlin.

  2. About Operation Unthinkable, an unrealized attack plan where armies from the United States, United Kingdom, Poland and Germany would attack the Soviet Union after the end of World War II in Europe

  3. Operation Unthinkable which was a plan designed by Winston Churchill to launch a surprise attack with British, American, and Canadian forces on Soviet forces in Europe directly after the end of World War II.

  4. About Operation Unthinkable: Britain's secret plan to invade Russia in 1945

  5. I learned (scarily) that Winston Churchill wanted to start WW3 before WW2 was even finished. Operation Unthinkable was a plan to partner with the Germans to invade Russia.

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