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The death of MI6 spy Gareth Williams. Who was found dead, locked inside a bag in the bath. Police ruled the cause of death was suicide despite no fingerprints or DNA being found. A former KGB agent has since said he was killed by Russian hitmen after refusing to become a double agent.

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A Spanish double agent, Juan Pujol Garcia got medals for spying from both Nazi Germany and the British Empire. He ran a fake spy network in London for Germany and recruited 27 fictitious agents all on German dime to provided them with fake intelligence during WW2.

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  1. Juan García, deliberately became a double agent against the Nazi's during WWII. He was so good he was awarded medals by both sides in the war. He convinced the Nazi's the D-Day landing was a diversion for an attack in Pas de Calais, so they kept large forces there before and after the invasion.

  2. In 1977, William Kampiles stole a top-secret KH-11 spy satellite manual from the CIA which he sold to the Russians for $3000. He then told the CIA for who he worked what he had done in the hopes that they would hire him as a double agent. They didn't and he was sentenced to 40 years in prison.

  3. René Carmille, a punched-card computer expert and French double agent who is believed to have saved thousands of lives by sabotaging Nazi efforts to identify Jewish citizens. He eventually was found out, withstood torture, and sent to a concentration camp where he died in January of 1945.

  4. Juan Pujol Garcia was a British double agent during WWII. He told Hitler D-Day would happen at the Strait of Dover, earning him the German Iron Cross. It was actually carried out at Normandy, earning him the British MBE.

  5. Agent Garbo, a double agent in WW2 for Britain. Initially rejected by Britain, he then went to Germany, claiming he could share British intel. Germany welcomed him, and he gained their trust. He again offered to help Britain, and was hired. Garbo fed fake intel to Germany for the entire war.

  6. Every single spy that Hitler thought he had in Britain was a double agent under British control.

  7. During the Second World War, British double agent Eddie "Zigzag" Chapman and his MI5 colleagues faked a sabotage on an airplane factory. The 'damage' caused was so realistic that the German fell for it, and Chapman was awarded the Iron Cross for his action.

  8. Every single German spy sent to Britain during WWII was either imprisoned or recruited as a double agent - fooling the entire German High Command and massively contributing to the victory.

  9. During WWII a double agent, codename GARBO, received the highest honor of service from both the Allies and Axis

  10. Joan Garcia, a WW2 double-agent spying for Britain was so successful that Hitler personally awarded him an Iron Cross before King George gave him an Order of the British Empire. Germany never discovered his lies, making him one if not the only person to get such honors from both countries.

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One of the inspirations for Ian Fleming's character James Bond was Dusan Popov, a double agent that handed J. Edgar Hoover the plans for the Pearl Harbor attack. Hoover however, didn't trust the double agent and did not pass on the information.

Files kept secret for 60 years indicate British intelligence may have knowingly sent more than 50 of its own agents to almost certain death in occupied Holland during the Second World War as part of a complicated "double double agent" game played against the Germans. - source

The FBI built a multi-million dollar eavesdropping tunnel under the Soviet Embassy in Washington, but never used it in the fear of getting caught, instead giving tours of it to high-security officials. It was only discovered by the Soviets when US double-agent Robert Hanssen informed them. - source

A Spanish double-agent played a major role in hoodwinking the Nazis, paving the way for a successful Normandy campaign and the eventual surrender of the Germans in WW2.

Eddie Chapman - a professional criminal and prolific womanizer who became an important British double agent during WWII. He once convinced both British and German intelligence to house and pay each of his two fiancees in opposite warzones. He is the only Briton to win the German Iron Cross. - source

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A British double agent codenamed "Zigzag" volunteered to blow up Adolf Hitler in a suicide mission, but was rejected by MI5

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During WWII, Joan Pujol Garcia, a double agent that spied on Germany for the British, was supposed to recruit spies in Britain for the Germans. He made up so many fake spy names that Germany decided they had enough "agents" spying for them in Britain, and didn't want anymore.

Alexander Graham Bell's great-grandson - who coincidentally is also related to President Taft - was a double agent and is currently serving a life sentence in a supermax prison.

In 1987 Cuba released a "candid camera" style 6 part television series showing 20 years worth of footage of Cuban double agents duping the CIA

A Top-Secret KH-11 Spy Satellite Manual was stolen from the CIA Headquarters in Langley by a low-ranking clerk. They only found out after the clerk flew back from a Soviet Embassy in Greece and petitioned the CIA to work for them as a double agent. They refused and he was sentenced to 40 years.

About Agent Zigzag, a British spy during WW2 who endeared himself to the Nazi's and became a double agent, working for both sides and at one point having two fiancées at the same time, each in opposite war zones.

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Wilhelm Canaris, chief of the Abwehr (German military intelligence) from 1935 to 1944, was a member of the German Resistance essentially acting as a double agent for the Allies. He was discovered and arrested by the Nazis in 1944 and executed on April 9th 1945, weeks before the end of the war.

Most German spies sent to the UK during WW2 surrendered or were captured shortly after they were sent. Most became double agents under the control of MI5 and it’s Committee of 20 (XX in Latin) to which was termed the “double cross”.

Dusan Popov, the inspiration for the character James Bond. He was a double agent for the British, and was famous for being promiscuous and courting women while on his perilous wartime missions. He most importantly convinced the Germans that D-Day landings would be in Calais, not Normandy.

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Juan Pujol García, a WWII double agent who was so successful he was awarded both the Nazi Iron Cross as well as an MBE (British knighthood), becoming one of the only people in the world to have been highly decorated by both sides of the war.

Lt. Colonel James Kirkpatrick, a British East India Company soldier who fell in love with a Muslim-Indian Princess in the late 1700's, converted to Islam, and became a double agent for the Hyderabadi Nizam Court.

During World War I, an exotic dancer became very popular with soldiers, and travelled overseas a lot with them. The French government thought she was a spy or a double agent, and she was executed by a firing squad.

Duško Popov was one of inspirations for Ian Fleming's James Bond. He was a ladies man, party goer and double agent in WW2 working for MI6, who informed FBI about impending Pearl Harbor. Fleming witnessed real-life bluff made by Popov and used it as basis for Casino Royale.

A Spanish spy became a double agent during WWII and was so successful that he went on to receive a MBE from Britain AND the Iron Cross from Germany

Otto Skorzeny - Commander for the Nazi Security Service, a possible Double Agent for the Soviets, agent of Franco's Intelligence Services, military advisor for Juan Peron, Vatican Operative, and hitman for Israels' Mossad.

The disappearance of Australian prime minister Harold Holt in 1967, while swimming at a beach, spawned conspiracies of Holt as a double agent who was instead collected by a Chinese submarine after his cover was supposedly threatened.

Joan Paul Garcia was a successful double agent in WW2 who helped to pull off d-day by creating a fictional spy network to trick the nazis into believing false information. MI5 helped him to fake his death after WW2.

Javanese princess" and exotic dancer Mata Hari was a Dutch-born WW1 spy and double-agent, convicted of spying for Germany in France and executed by firing squad.

Mata Hari, an exotic dancer working as a lethal double agent, using her powers of seduction to extract military secrets from her many lovers during WWI.

KGB agent Vitaly Yurchenko defected to the United States in 1985, outed two CIA officers as Soviet spies, and defected back to the Soviet Union a few months later. It is unknown if his initial defection was genuine and he later changed his mind, or if he was a double agent the whole time.

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