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One of the reasons your lungs feel refreshed when walking through a pine forest is because of an anti-inflammatory compound called a-Pinene, found in conifers. It is used as a bronchodilator in the treatment of asthma and abundantly present in marijuana.

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Blackcurrant fruit was banned in the United States in 1911 because the plant carries a disease that affects native White Pine trees. Whole forests were wiped out due to the disease. Because of the ban, not lifted until 2003, the flavor is relatively unknown in the US.

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  1. Despite being commonly thought as being nothing but a desert, Arizona has the largest contiguous pine tree forest in the world

  2. Pine trees scatter their needles across the forest floor to make it easier for fires to burn all of the other trees - pine is fire resistant so it survives.

  3. The bristlecone pine forests in California whose trees are the oldest living organisms on the planet. At 4800 years old, some of the pines growing there today began growing before the pyramids were built.

  4. The Dancing Forest of Kaliningrad, where, for some unknown reason, the pine trees have grown into twisted shapes, such as rings and spirals.

  5. Above the cave the national park has 28,295 acres of prairies, pine forests, and a variety of wildlife species.

  6. New England's vibrant fall foliage is a result of a major hurricane that blew through the region in 1938. Ninety percent of the trees destroyed were white pines. As the forests regrew, trees with colorful leaves like oak, maple, birch, dogwood, and elm sprouted up in place of the pines.

  7. The boreal forest includes a wide diversity of coniferous tree species including balsam fir, white birch, red pine, jack pine, eastern white cedar, poplar, white spruce, and black spruce.

  8. Puebla has diverse ecosystems, ranging from alpine to tropical forests. Most of the forests, though, are temperate pine forests, which can be found throughout most of the state.

  9. At elevations less than 6,500 feet in Lassen Volcanic National Park the forest is mixed conifer. At elevations from 6,500 to 8,000 feet the forest is pine, red fir, hemlock, and lodgepole pile. Higher elevations have mountain hemlock and whitebark pine.

  10. The lodge pole pine, found in the park, typically lives for 200 years. Of the 80% of the park that is forest, 80% of that is lodge pole pine.

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The pine forest ecosystem of the park contains Caribbean pines, a tree that accounts for 50% of the trees on Grand Bahama Island. In the pine forest zone there are also palmettos, and agave plant.

There's a giant sand dune amidst a pine forest on the French coast that has consumed multiple houses and parts of roadways. - source

About Donald Rusk Currey who studied the trees in Great Basin Bristlecone Pine Forest in 1964. He got permission to cut down a specific tree, named Prometheus, for study. After being felled, he discovered that the tree was over 4,844 years old and is still the oldest tree ever discovered. - source

Trees and forests within Bryce Canyon National Park include water birch, willow, aspen, cottonwood, juniper, pine, Douglas fir, and blue spruce.

A patch of larch trees covering 0.89 acres of pine forest in northeastern Germany was planted and arranged to look like a swastika in 1938. In the autumn and in the spring, the colour of the larch leaves would change and contrast with the deep green of the pine forest to form the design. - source

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The six ecosystems found within Lucayan National Park include the beach strand, blackland coppice, rocky coppice, whiteland coppice, marsh, and the pine forest.

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Some forests actually benefit from fires and depend on periodic fires to continue thriving. Certain types of pine trees have "fire cones", which remain sealed shut until the intense heat of a fire melts them and allows the seeds to be released afterwards.

The Crooked Forest of Poland, or Krzywy Las where about 400 pine trees grow crooked with a sharp 90 degree bend at their bases and oddly all point in the same direction-North. They grow to be about 50 feet tall and are generally healthy despite the unnatural curves at their bases.

The mountain pine beetle burrows deep into the trunks of trees to lay its eggs which subsequently kills its host. Beetle populations have recently exploded, leading to a forest fire the size of the state of MD in western Canada.

Because of excessive logging in the Valdivian Temperate Rainforest many of the old growth tree species are threatened. The eucalyptus and pines are used to replace after being cut and are more useful to the logging companies because they grow more quickly.

The last members of the Mexican Grizzly Bear species died out in 1964. They lived in the grasslands and pine forests of Northern Mexico, and previously in Arizona and New Mexico. They had yellow, silver, or grayish-white fur and loved eating ants.

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The Himalayas are experiencing the effects of climate change, including shifts not only of species to higher altitudes but also movements of forests, such as the pine forests slowly taking over the oak forest regions.

Pine trees grow in Haiti. Approximately 15% of Haiti and the Dominican Republic's land area is covered in pine forest.

The Red Forest in Chernobyl gets its name from the ginger-brown color of the pine trees from absorbing high amounts of radiation from the 1986 incident, and its radiation levels can get as high as 1 Roentgen per hour.

The blackland coppice of the park is created by decomposing pine forest leaves that allows for the growth of fig, satin leaf, dogwood, and lancewood trees.

The rocky coppice of the park transitions between the pine forest and mangroves and commonly floods. Prickly trees grow in this area as well as red cedar and mahogany.

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Pines produce resin that flows from the injured bark. Unfortunately, resin is highly flammable and it facilitates spreading of the forest fire.

Squirrels, woodpeckers and other forest animals eat seeds hidden in the cones.

The USA's largest contigous Ponderosa Pine forest is in Flagstaff Arizona, and covers over 1.857 million acres of the Colorado Plateau

The oldest known living non-clonal organism on Earth is a member of Pinus longaeva in the White Mountains of California. A species of bristlecone pine, the tree was measured to be 5,066 years old and its exact location remains a Forest Service secret to deter anyone from finding and hurting it.

How to find beetle kill pine trees in the forest.

Pine trees actually help forest fires to clear out competing tree saplings

The largest Hidden Mickey is Mickey's Forest, a 60 acre forest near Walt Disney World containing over 50,000 pine trees.

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