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The beard of Tutankhamun's golden mask fell off during the cleaning process in the Egyptian Museum in 2014. The workers used epoxy glue to reattach the beard, but since that was not the professional method and permanent damage was done to the mask they were prosecuted for this in 2016.

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Because of a botched surgery intended to repair a severely perforated eardrum, that actually caused permanent inner ear damage, Stephen Colbert wasn't able to scuba dive for a marine biology job he wanted which pushed him to comedy. The damage to his eardrum also left him deaf in his right ear.

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  1. The beard of Tutankhamun’s golden mask fell off during a cleaning process in the Egyptian Museum in 2014. The workers used epoxy glue to reattach the beard, but since it wasn’t the professional method and permanent damage had been done, they were prosecuted in 2016

  2. A man sued Blue Man Group claiming he suffered permanent damage to his esophagus when the performers shoved a camera down his throat. It was revealed that it was a camera trick and nothing entered the mans mouth as the live footage was actually a pre recorded medical video

  3. Stalin was hit by a horse-drawn carriage twice as a child, which led to permanent damage of his left arm. This injury exempted him from fighting in WW I where he would have likely died. -

  4. The filming of Leonardo DiCaprio's "The Beach" permanently damaged the ecosystem of the island where it was film, prompting Thailand's Supreme Court to get involved in the legal case against 20th Century Fox

  5. The 'sand mafia' is a huge problem in India, illegally mining sand and causing permanent environmental damage.

  6. According to scientists, all of the mosquitoes in the world could probably be killed off with minimal permanent ecological damage.

  7. You can survive being in outer space without permanent damage for about half a minute. None of this "exploding in space" in movies is real.

  8. Cicada song is loud enough to cause permanent hearing loss in humans should the cicada sing just outside the listener's ear. Males disable their own tympana while calling, thereby preventing damage to their hearing.

  9. Julie Andrews' famous singing voice was permanently damages by a throat operation in 1997. She said she feels fortunate in a way, as she has focussed on using her voice in ways other than singing.

  10. Some marathon runners elect to have their toenails permanently removed. Their level of running causes friction on the toes and results in toenails routinely becoming damaged and detached. To circumvent chronic nail wounds, some people just get rid of them entirely.

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The crescent-shaped whitish area of the bed of a a fingernail or toenail is called the lunula, and if you damage it, the nail will be permanently deformed.

Excessive childhood stress can cause permanent brain damage and affect gene expression. - source

Alcohol withdrawal syndrome "Failure to manage the alcohol withdrawal syndrome appropriately can lead to permanent brain damage or death." - source

Russell's viper can be often found in urban and rural areas because they provide plenty of food (rodents). Consequently, Russell's viper often gets in touch with people and induces more snakebites than other types of venomous snakes. It has very strong venom which induces strong bleeding, paralysis of neck muscles, permanent renal damage and death in the case that antivenin is not available. Russell's viper coils the body in numerous S-shaped loops, elevates upper third of the body and loudly hisses before the attack.

A UN protocol prohibits the use of "Blinding Laser Weapons" - weapons designed to cause permanent damage to an enemy combatant's eyesight. - source

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An ancient shrine in the Peruvian citadel of Machu Picchu was permanently damaged in 2000 while filming a beer commercial

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The "Black Tom explosion" which happened on July 30, 1916, when German saboteurs blew up a munitions depot in New York harbor. The explosion was the equivalent of an earthquake measuring between 5.0 and 5.5 on the Richter scale and caused permanent damage to the Statue of Liberty.

In 1980 a Texaco oil rig accidentally drilled into the Diamond Crystal Salt Company salt mine under the lake causing the freshwater lake to drain down the mine. As of the result of this, nearby canal water REVERSED it's direction causing permanent damage to the nearby ecosystem.

Early Technicolor technology required very bright lights during filming. It was over 100 degrees Fahrenheit in the set of Wizard of Oz, and the cast had to be frequently rehydrated, with some people claiming permanent eye damage from the bright lights.

An audience member sued David Copperfield due to permanent brain damage from a trick gone a little wrong.

Arthritis can be caused by bacteria in the body. This form is referred to as infectious arthritis and presents with joint pain, fever, and chills. If treated quickly permanent joint damage can be avoided.

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Syphilis and Lyme disease are caused by the same corkscrew-shaped genera of bacteria--spirochetes--and that left untreated, both can cause permanent, neurological damage.

Lung infections such as tuberculosis, measles, whooping cough and pneumonia can cause permanent damage to your lungs, resulting in chronic lung infections. This is known as “bronchiectasis”.

Naguib Mahfouz, the only Arab to win the Nobel Prize in Literature, was an outspoken supporter for Egypt's peace treaty with Israel, and received death threats. He was stabbed in the neck at 82 resulting in permanent nerve damage to his right arm and his ability to write.

Admiral Elmo Zumwalt ordered the use of Agent Orange during the Vietnam War. His son, a lieutenant in the US Navy, died of cancer after being exposed to the chemical. His grandson suffered permanent brain damage.

A man was nearly beat to death outside of a SF Giants game by fans of the opposing team. The man has permanent brain damage.

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River Monsters host Jeremy Wade was once struck in the chest by a 150+ pound fish, resulting in permanent damage to his heart

Qantas Flight 72, an Airbus A330 whose autopilot decided to randomly steer the plane towards the ground, twice, injuring loose passengers so severely it gave one flight attendant permanent brain damage

Poverty causes worsened cognitive skills, prematurely ages the brain, and permanently damages the brain over time

You can survive for up to 3 minutes without permanent damage in space if some requirements are met, like not holding any air into your lungs

Peter Tripp, a top 40 radio presenter in 1959, set a record for staying awake 200 hours on air. He suffered permanent psychological damage from this.

Some early Yugo models had an "interference engine" which meant if the owner didn't perform a timing belt replacement every 40-thousand miles, the valves and pistons could interfere with each other and permanently damage the engine.

A Sacrifice Zone is a real term referring to geographical locations where there's permanent environmental damage and economic disinvestment

Manny Pacquiao avoided punching in the last three minutes of a fight, because he did not want to "kill" Margarito, who had a swollen face and near permanent damage to his right eye. Margarito was oblivious to the pain of a broken facial bone, and fought on like a drugged zombie

Improper use of your vocal chords would result in vocal nodules, and that the damage in most cases is permanent.

Along with muscle and bone problems, longterm spaceflight often causes permanent damage to astronauts' vision.

David Bowie's pupils are different sizes because of a fight over a girl with his best friend when they were 15. A punch permanently damaged his left eye, leaving decreased function and a permanently dilated pupil, which made his eyes look like they were different colors

In 1993 Jack in the Box's Monster Burger caused severe E. coli infections in 732 people, killing four children and causing permanent brain and kidney damage in others

Odwalla, the fruit juice company, was responsible for an E. Coli outbreak in 1996 which resulted in one death, 66 sick, and 14 children who would "likely have permanent kidney damage." The outbreak happened as a result of Odwalla not pasteurizing its juices and poorly maintaining its equipment.

Old CRT monitors where very prone to image burn-in, damaging the screen permanently. The solution was to either turn off the screen or have constant movement in it. That's the reason Screensavers were created, and also the origin of its name.

The sinking of the "Titanic" was insurance fraud. the ship that actually sank was its permanently damaged (from a previous failed insurance scam) sister ship the Olympic. Absolute proof.

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