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Lt. Col. Charles “Bazooka Charlie” Carpenter during WWII who mounted 6 Bazooka’s to his Piper L-4H scout plane and is credited with destroying several German armored cars and immobolizing at least 14 enemy tanks.

Bazooka Charlie, a WWII pilot who flew around in a plane "originally intended for flight training" with bazookas strapped to the wings. He officially killed 6 German tanks.

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  1. About Maj. Charles Carpenter, “Bazooka Charlie”, who strapped bazookas to his light artillery spotting airplane and attacked German tanks in WW2

  2. About “Bazooka Charlie,” a WWII pilot who strapped six bazookas to his unarmored reconnaissance plane.

  3. In WWII Lt. Col. Charles 'Bazooka Charlie' Carpenter was frustrated just flying an observational plane and not able to take action on the enemy. He decided to arm his L-4 Grasshopper with rockets and is credited with destroying as many as 6 German Tanks.

  4. During WW2, US Army Lt Col Charles Carpenter was credited with killing six German armored vehicles and immobilizing many more using bazookas mounted on his L-4 Grasshopper observation aircraft, earning himself the nickname "Bazooka Charlie."

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