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Operation Cherry Blossom was a planned biological attack that was to be carried out in California by the Japanese during WWII. Five submarine aircraft carriers were to launch planes who would then drop plague infected fleas over southern California in hopes of crippling the civilian population.

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Japan planned to deploy biological weapons against the city of San Diego, California, codenamed "Operation Cherry Blossoms at Night", which was set for action on September 22, 1945, but not realized due to Japan's surrender on August 15, 1945.

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  1. Operation Cherry Blossoms at Night, a plan of the Japanese Empire in 1945 to deploy thousands of plague-infected fleas on California via aircraft and long-range submarine, aiming to kickstart a major epidemic within the United States.

  2. In WWII, Japan had devised "Operation Cherry Blossoms at Night", a plan to send kamikaze bombers loaded with plague to San Diego, California.

  3. About "Operation Cherry Blossoms at Night". A 1945 plan developed by the Japanese to attack California, by launching planes or balloons filled with plague infected fleas from submarines.

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Operation: "Cherry Blossoms at Night." This Japanese operation called for the use of airplanes to spread plague over Southern California at night during WW2. The Japanese ended up surrendering just weeks before the operation was scheduled to take place. - source

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