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The US Air Force seriously considered and researched Nuking the Moon as a show of force after Russia launched Sputnik, but scrapped it at the last minute as they felt landing on it would be better received by the public.

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The United States and Russia signed a treaty in 1967 agreeing not to nuke the Moon

What happens if we nuke the moon?

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  1. In an effort to one-up the Soviets during the late 1950s, the United States planned to hit the moon with a nuclear warhead-tipped ICBM. In the Air Force's infinite wisdom, however, the plan was scrapped because they felt the public would respond unfavorably to nuking the moon.

  2. The US Government considered nuking the Moon just to intimidate the Soviets

  3. The US considered dropping a nuke on the moon during the Cold War. Young Carl Sagan (who was working on his astrophysics PhD at the time) was hired to calculate how the moon's low gravity would affect the expansion of the mushroom cloud.

  4. The United States Once Planned To Nuke The Moon. According to physicist Leonard Reiffel, one of the leaders of the project, hitting the moon with an intercontinental ballistic missile would have been relatively easy to accomplish.

  5. The same guy who invented the Telestrator (how sports commentators can "draw" on live TV) also researched how to nuke the Moon for the Air Force.

  6. The US thought about nuking the moon in the 1950’s but signed a treaty with the Soviet Union in 1967 prohibiting any nuclear weapon to be in orbit around any planet including the moon.

  7. During the space race, the US made plans to nuke the moon as a "show of force."

  8. America planned to nuke the moon after the Soviets got Sputnik into space.

  9. Carl Sagan was involved in a 1950's USAF project to nuke the moon as a show of force to the Russians.

  10. The US once drew up plans to nuke the moon, as a show of force to the Soviets and to boost American morale

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What would happen if we nuke the moon?

Why did nasa nuke the moon?

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Carl Sagan was part of a team of scientists developing a plan to nuke the Moon - source

In the 50s, the United States planned to nuke the moon to showcase their military supremacy - source

3 months after a historic Apollo 11 moon landing in the summer of 1969, NASA and our government wanted to Nuke our moon.

The U.S. military considered nuking the moon. - source

When did we nuke the moon?

About Project A119, a top-secret project in 1958 from the US Airforce which aimed to nuke the moon. It was later cancelled out of a fear of a negative public reaction.

In the late 1950s the US Government considered nuking the Moon just to intimidate the Soviets

The USA and USSR planned to nuke the moon out of existence

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