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Mircosoft included Solitaire in their operating systems to "to soothe people intimidated by the operating system" and introduce users to graphic user interfaces and taught them how to use a mouse.

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A full operating system and a film were stored on DNA and recovered with no errors

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  1. The solar storm of 1859 caused worldwide electrical failure, with telegraph systems being knocked out, some throwing sparks and shocking operators. This event, if it occured today, would cause trillions in damages.

  2. Terry Davis, a schizophrenic programmer, spent 10 years of his life programming an operating system to talk to God

  3. Scientists were able to store an operating system and a film on DNA and recover it without any errors

  4. Terry Davis, a schizophrenic programmer, spent 10 years of his life programming an operating system to talk to God.

  5. In 2013 the Chinese government hacked Google. While many initially believed the hack was targeting the email accounts of activists, it actually targeted and compromised Google's internal warrant tracking system, letting the Chinese know which of their operatives were being monitored.

  6. A programmer developed an operating system called TempleOS since 2003. Hospitalized for mental health problems, he believes that TempleOS is literally the Third Temple as biblically prophesied. Per God's "instructions," the OS uses a 640x480, 16 color display, and uses the language HolyC.

  7. The inventor of Linux announced his project by saying "I'm doing a free operating system (just a hobby, won't be big and professional)". Today it it used by 3/4 of all servers, all Android devices, and the top 10 supercomputers.

  8. The US Department of Defense created a supercomputer using 1,760 PS3 consoles. Compared to other supercompuing systems at the time, it cost 90-95% less to build and required only one tenth of the power to operate

  9. Global Positioning System (GPS) is owned by the United States government and operated by the United States Air Force. The US makes it freely accessible to anyone with a GPS receiver but can selectively deny access to the system.

  10. According to John Deere farmers don't own the tractors but merely have "an implied license for the life of the vehicle to operate the vehicle" and claims it is illegal to access to the diagnostic software because someone might pirate music from the system.

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I analyzed about 60,000 comments from top posts in r/linux and r/linuxmasterrace to find out how often people mention operating systems -and Microsoft- and this was the result (rip

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Planned systemic obsolescence is deliberately making a product obsolete by altering the system in which it is used as to make its continued use difficult such as not accommodating forward compatibility in software, or changing screws so that they cannot easily be operated on with existing tools.

One of the reasons Microsoft chose the "Bliss" wallpaper for XP was because humans are instinctively attracted to open fields since they allow us to see any predators or prey very quickly. Resulting in your brain releasing endorphins as you use the operating system. - source

Project COLDFEET, a 1962 operation where two CIA operatives were airdropped onto an abandoned Soviet research station on an ice floe, retrieved information on advanced submarine detection systems, and were extracted via the Fulton Skyhook recovery system to a modified B-17. - source

Washington DC's metro system is plagued by unstable funding & poor safety maintenance. The control room has 1000+ ignored alarms a day, while train operators pee on the track & one who, due to poor driver-control room relations, reportedly disabled trains mid-run on purpose.

To protect the final Harry Potter book from leaking to the public, a 10-million pounds security operation featuring satellite tracking systems and armed security with K-9 units was used. A Scholastic lawyer also physically sat on a copy during flight to prevent any potential loss. - source

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North Korea has its own operating system (RED STAR OS) and it looks like Apple's OS X

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After getting fired in 1996, Timothy Lloyd, an 11-year employee of OMEGA, planted a hacking "time bomb" within the firm's computer systems that deleted the firm's main operating software two weeks after his lay-off, making the firm lose over $10 million and fire 80 employees.

The creators of UNIX came up with the name as a pun implying the word "Eunuchs", as it was to be an emasculated version of the MULTICS operating system.

Bill Gates and three other high school students were banned from computer usage by Seattle-based CCC (Computer Center Corporation) after they were caught exploiting its operating system bugs to steal computer time.

In Japan's universal health care system hospitals, by law, must be run as non-profit and be managed by physicians. For-profit corporations are not allowed to own or operate hospitals.

Android was originally conceived as a camera operating system.

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Cuba has their own Ubuntu-based operating system.

Bill Gates didn't create MS-DOS from scratch. He just bought Q-DOS (Quick and Dirty Operating system) for $75,000. Q-DOS was a rip off of CP/M, the standard OS of most PCs in early 1980s. The virtual clone of Q-DOS, MS-DOS was licensed to IBM in a historic deal and the rest is history.

Microsoft has official anime mascots of various windows operating systems. They use these mascots to promote their products in various regions of Asia.

Solitare was originally included in Windows 3.0 to "soothe people intimidated by the operating system," teaching them to point, click, and drag, skills needed to use all other Windows programs

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Paris airport of Orly uses software called DECOR, which is employed in takeoffs & landings & runs on Windows 3.1, an operating system that was released in 1992. The airport only has three specialists who are familiar with DECOR. An upgrade has been scheduled for sometime between 2017-2021.

The Russian "Dead Hand" fail-deadly nuclear retaliatory system developed during the cold war is suspected to still be operational.

From 1897 until 1953, the postal service in New York City delivered letters using an enormous system of underground pneumatic tubes—operated by workers called 'rocketeers'—that shuttled giant canisters across town at 35 miles an hour.

Microsoft effectively 'saved' Apple with a $150 million investment in 1997. The goal: "to keep Apple’s competitive operating system viable so the antitrust folks would have a harder time proving Microsoft’s monopoly.”

Dennis Richie, who along with Ken Thompson, created the C programming language in the 60s, the most influential language in history, as well as Unix (THE operating system behind MacOS and Linux), died a week after Steve Jobs in 2011. His death was ignored due to media coverage of Jobs' death.

The original Xbox was originally pitched to Dell, Compaq and Gateway to all manufacture the system while Microsoft would simply provide the operating system, just like they had done with Windows and the PC. Each company turned them down.

The Brazilian electronics company, "Gradiente" is legally allowed to sell their ‘iPhone’ because they trademarked it back in 2000. The phone uses an Android operating system.

Almost all Android operating systems are named after desserts or candy, such as Jelly Bean, KitKat, and Ice Cream Sandwich.

Microsoft purchased DOS from a company named Seattle Computer Products and that the software was originally named "QDOS" or "Quick and Dirty Operating System."

In 2004 Samsung was given the option to purchase Android but they didn"t see the operating system having any real potential.

Boise, ID has the largest municipally-operated geo thermal system in the US, heating over 90 buildings in downtown.

The Marshall Plan was closely connected to the Bretton Woods economic system, which was operational from 1945 until 1971.

The state of Tennessee specifically bans constructing, maintaining, or operating any bus rapid transit system.

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