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Navajo was once in danger of losing a lot of speakers, but the Navajo nation set up programs to teach the language as well as many bilingual schools. Now there are even institutes, community colleges, and technical universities with classes in the Navajo language

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The computer scientist, Dennis Ritchie—the creator of the C programming language, and an important Unix contributor—died on 12 October 2011, exactly a week after Steve Jobs. News of the former's death was largely overshadowed by that of the latter's.

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  1. There is a programming language called INTERCAL which have keywords like IGNORE, PLEASE , FORGET. If you don't use PLEASE enough times while coding,Compiler rejects the code.

  2. After becoming obsessed with roller coasters, Chris Sawyer created and coded RollerCoaster Tycoon entirely by himself in Assembly...arguably the most difficult programming language of all. For his efforts he received about $30 million of the estimated $180 million brought in by the game.

  3. Grace Hopper was the developer of the first compiler for a programming language. She also invented the saying, "It's easier to ask forgiveness than it is to get permission."

  4. Goldman Sachs maintains its own proprietary programming language (Slang) that is known only to its employees.

  5. There exists a programming language so deliberately difficult to use, that the first program written in it was created two years after the language was released, and it was was written by another program; It is named for the Eighth Circle of Hell.

  6. 4chan created a feminist programming language called C Plus Equality. Some changes include renaming of "class" to "social_construct", and the prohibition of "y" variables.

  7. There is an esoteric programming language called LOLCODE, in which code is expressed in the style of lolcat speech, implementing lines of code like "HAI," "CAN HAS [LIBRARY]?" and "KTHXBAI."

  8. The Python programming language was named after Monty Python, not the animal.

  9. There is a programming language which uses Arnold Schwarzenegger quotes as syntax.

  10. The programming language Python is named after the comedy series "Monty Python's Flying Circus"

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programming language fact data chart about Programming language popularity over the course of a day
Programming language popularity over the course of a day

programming language fact data chart about Interest in programming languages breaks every Christmas. Fu
Interest in programming languages breaks every Christmas. Furthermore: Python overtakes Java as the most googled programming language.

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There is a programming language called Malbolge, specifically designed to be almost impossible to use. When it was created it was so difficult to understand that it took two years for the first Malbolge program to appear.

LOLCODE, a programming language written in lolspeak, the language of the lolcat meme. Programs include keywords like 'hai' to introduce programs and 'kthxbye' to terminate them. - source

C programming language got its name simply because B was already taken. B is now a mostly defunct language. - source

ArnoldC" is an imperative programming language where the basic keywords are replaced with quotes from different Arnold Schwarzenegger movies (Hello World code in comments).

About Grace Hopper who was the inventor of the first compiler, the intermediate program that translates English language instructions into the language of the target computer. - source

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Dennis Richie, who along with Ken Thompson, created the C programming language in the 60s, the most influential language in history, as well as Unix (THE operating system behind MacOS and Linux), died a week after Steve Jobs in 2011. His death was ignored due to media coverage of Jobs' death.

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During WWII Nazi Germany hired an American woman nicknamed 'Axis Sally' to broadcast an English language radio show called 'Home Sweet Home' to American troops in Europe. The program was designed to stoke homesickness and fears of infidelity by wives on the home front in order to hurt morale.

Ziad Fazah, a polyglot that claims to speak 59 languages, as listed in the The Guinness Book of World Records. However, in Viva el lunes, a Chilean TV program, he failed to understand several diplomatic representatives that asked him some questions in their own languages.

Monty Python inspired not only the word "spam", but also the names of 7 asteroids, a programming language, a species of lemur, and a mutant gene in flies.

The programming language used on space shuttle orbiter systems is called HAL/S.

The popular programming language "Python" is named after the comedy group "Monty Python"

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programming language fact infographic about Number of jobs per programming language in the United States

Number of jobs per programming language in the United States

programming language fact infographic about Sticking power - Programming languages with the highest deve

Sticking power - Programming languages with the highest developer loyalty using Stack Overflow's 2019 survey

When an algorithm is written in the form of a programming language it becomes a?

There are esoteric programming languages, which push the limits of language design as a proof of concept. Examples include Brainfuck, which can run on a 100 byte compiler, and ArnoldC, in which all commands are one-liners of Schwarzenegger.

From 1967 to 1977 she was the director of programming languages in the Navy's Office of Information Systems and was promoted to captain in 1973.

There is a programming language that is based entirely off exclamation marks, it would take 24 octovigintillion exclamation marks to write the "Hello, World" script.

Belarus airs an unlicensed Russian-language clone of the American television program, The Big Bang Theory, and producers of the American series are powerless to take legal action, because Belarusian television is a state-owned and -operated enterprise

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In 1954 she became the company's first director of automatic programming and she and her team developed the first compiler languages, MATH-MATHIC and FLOW-MATIC.

A programming language called "Whitespace", which uses only whitespace characters (space, tab, and return), ignoring all other characters.

The creator of the Python programming language named it partly to honor British comedy group Monty Python

Researchers working at Bell Labs are credited with the development of radio astronomy, the transistor, the laser, the CCD (image sensor), information theory, the operating system Unix, and the programming languages C and C++. Oh and they've won 8 Nobel Prizes.

Most modern circuit designs aren't done by hand. Engineers use computer languages known as Hardware Description Languages to write circuits like programmers write programs.

There is a programming language called "Brainfuck" that consists of only 8 commands.

In Europe, the PS2 originally came with a demo disc that included the programming language Yabasic so it would be classified as a computer and thus attract less import tax.

There is a programming language called Shakespeare where the program is written like Shakespearean play.

We write Reddit comments in a text-formatting language called "Markdown". The language was designed to be readable as-is, unlike HTML, and is widely used in programming documentation. The Internet Engineering Task Force is considering to make it a standard Internet media type in 2015.

There's a programming language named "Shakespeare" that is designed to make code look like a Shakespearean play

Programming language Python prefer to use "spam", "ham" and "eggs" as name for general variables (metasyntactic variables) instead of the classics "foo", "bar" and "baz" because of the menu from the Monty Python's sketch "SPAM"

The author of the Python programming language named it after Monty Python's Flying Circus.

A programming language was developed and used for just one video game franchise: Jak and Daxter

The Rosetta Project, a program to record and preserve 1,500 different languages. It will be available in three different media, a micro-etched nickel alloy disc three inches across with a 2,000 year life expectancy; a single volume reference book; and an online archive.

There is a programming language in which the programs are written in musical composition, and functional programs have jazz-like harmonies.

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