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In 2005, Sony illegally installed rootkits on 22 million computers to prevent the users from ripping copyrighted music, and could not be uninstalled. It also reported user's listening habits back to Sony. Ironically, the code itself contained open source software, and so infringed copyright.

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John Deere forces farmers to pay for expensive repairs due to their proprietary software, and refusal to let farmers self repair their own equipment with open source tools

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  1. Netscape Navigator isn't dead - it's code was open sourced, improved and expanded upon, and is now known as Mozilla Firefox.

  2. In 1987 a radiotherapy source containing Caesium-137 was stolen from an abandoned hospital in Brazil to be sold for scrap. The lead capsule was opened and the scrapyard owner's family members and friends played with the glowing material. The radioactive material killed 4 people.

  3. Bill and Melinda Gates funded a website created by Rice University that provides free open-source textbooks for college students

  4. In March 6, 2010 a blind hiker set on the Appalachian trail with a goal to inspire other visually impaired people. Seven months later, he finished hiking the 1,700 miles using only a cellphone, GPS open-source software, and hearing to locate camps, trailheads, and water sites.

  5. Because insulin is incredibly expensive despite being the same drug discovered a century ago, there's a movement to create an open source, small-batch manufacturing process

  6. Groupon is trying to take the name GNOME, a registered trademark, from the Open Source Linux Desktop environment of the same name that's been around for almost two decades for a proprietary app.

  7. The Stacks Project. It is an open-source textbook with ~4700 pages, made by many mathematicians with the intention of collecting all the prerequisite knowledge required to understand an extremely abstract mathematical object known as 'algebraic stack'.

  8. There is open source cola, OpenCola, which allows you to edit and submit improvements for the recipe.

  9. There exists Free Beer, a beer whose recipe you can freely modify since the beer is open source. Currently, the beer is at version 6.0.

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open source fact data chart about Hackers cumulative login attempts on open-source site over t
Hackers cumulative login attempts on open-source site over time

open source fact data chart about A similarity of Open Source Licenses calculated by Normalize
A similarity of Open Source Licenses calculated by Normalized Compression Distance

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Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey launched his tech career by writing open source software to route delivery trucks from the Internet

Marcin Jakubowski, a Princeton fusion physics graduate, had a hard time finding a job out of college so he turned to farming. Upon purchasing his first tractor, he realized how inaccessible and expensive farming equipment was, so he created an open source tractor design. - source

Sony released an open source, region lock free version of the Playstation One that allowed anyone with an interest to design Playstation One games - source

Open-source cola is any cola soft drink produced according to a published recipe. Unlike the infamously secretive Coca-Cola formula, these recipes are openly published and their re-use is encouraged.

Zonkey has nomadic lifestyle. Due to competition for food and water with other herbivores in the savannas and open woodlands of Africa, it constantly travels and searches new sources of grass.

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About Open-Source Cola. It's like open source software, except instead of sharing code, it discloses and shares recipes for cola.

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GIMP, the free open source image manipulation software, is mainly developed by only 6 people working at night after their day job.

Aborigines used root of hakea as a source of water and flowers as a source of food (nectar). They used bark in treatment of open sores and burns on the skin.

Horns are symbol of masculinity (the most dominant males have the biggest horns). They also facilitate opening of cacti (favorite source of food and water).

There is a free and open sourced Wikiversity which offers countless courses on a number of different topics.

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open source fact infographic about I made a free open source android app called Track & Graph t

I made a free open source android app called Track & Graph to help visualise personal data over time. Here is a demo of my alcohol consumption, exercise and work moving averages.

open source fact infographic about An Open Source Large-scale WebGL-powered Geospatial Data Vis

An Open Source Large-scale WebGL-powered Geospatial Data Visualization

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Proto-Elamite which was used around 3000BC in modern day Iraq and is one of the world's last un-deciphered languages. There is an open-source collection with over 1,600 texts made available to the public in hopes of furthering research in deciphering the language.

The Android operating system is classified as open source. This means that it is legal to modify Android source code and add new features.

Apple made an open source video game console that was released in 1995

FabFi is an open-source meshnetwork which brings free uncensored internet to developing nations like Afghanistan and Kenya. It was originally designed for tracking sheep in Norway.

For the movie Se7en, Kevin Spacey, insisted that his name not appear in the opening credits, so as to surprise the audience with the identity of his character. [Better Source]

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Krita, a free and open-source alternative to Photoshop and Illustrator that surprisingly isn't GIMP

In 1971, the owners of Korean Air opened Je-dong Farm on the volcanic island of Jeju in South Korea. They source farm-to-table meals for their first class passengers from what is grown/raised on their farm.

Sony released a Linux disc, keyboard and mouse, Ethernet adaptor, and a VGA adaptor to allow tech savvy gamers to use open source code and create their own games.

The open source community for Android source code is called Android Open Source Project or AOSP. Often new features and updates are created this way and can make improvements to the quality of devices being manufactured to use Android.

Mozilla Co-Founder Launched an Open Source Browser That Blocks Ads Natively on Mobile and Is 4X Faster Than Chrome

All royalties from selling "The Architecture of Open Source Applications" book goes to charity (Amnesty International)

An open source movement to make modular hardware that lets everyone easily build things by connecting standard parts - just like IKEA meets Lego and Erector sets!

Mozilla is creating an open-source voice library that anybody can contribute their voice to called Project Common Voice

Red Hat is the first billion dollar open source company

SETI (Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence) has, through its SETI@home screensaver, created one of the most powerful supercomputers on the planet. Since 1999, the open source program has been downloaded by 8.4 million users/volunteers in 226 countries.

The guy who created the Internet (the World Wide Web), Sir Tim Berners-Lee, just released an Internet 2.0 that's open source, where you'll always control all your own data by default

There is a "Open Source Order of the Golden Dawn" in the tradition of the occult/pagan Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn and Aleister Crowley, founded on the principle that true spirituality is omnipresent and access to it cannot be owned or controlled by any group or individual

Mozilla gave $15,000 to have the term 'slave' removed from an open source software package.

There exists a open-source art robot for printing vector images on eggs and round objects

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