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Terry Davis, a schizophrenic programmer, spent 10 years of his life programming an operating system to talk to God

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Sue Jones-Davies, who portrayed Judith in Monty Python's Life of Brian, later became Mayor of Aberystwyth. She discovered that the town had banned Life of Brian for thirty years, and her first act was to overturn the ban and stage a screening with Terry Jones and Michael Palin

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  1. Terry Davis, a schizophrenic programmer, spent 10 years of his life programming an operating system to talk to God.

  2. Schizophrenic programmer Terry Davis designed a 64-bit operating system that he believes communicates with God.

  3. A schizophrenic programmer named Terry Davis who would upload videos online claiming to be the greatest programmer. In his last video uploaded hours before his death he says ”Wait, maybe. I think maybe I'm just like a little bizarre little person who walks back and forth. Whatever, you know.”

  4. Terry A. Davis was a programmer plagued by schizophrenia, of which put him in a controversial limelight in forums, wrote and designed an entire operating system (OS) by himself in an attempt to "commune with God" called TempleOS

  5. Terry Davis. A schizophrenic programmer, he spent 10 years coding TempleOS, an operating system from scratch, because God told him to.

  6. About Terry Davis, a mentally ill man who designed his own OS, while slowly falling deeper into the put of schizophrenia.

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