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Byron White was a former star football player who became a Supreme Court Justice. He ruled in the case of Runyon v. McCrary in which a black student was rejected by a private school. That student, Michael McCrary would later become a NFL Linebacker and won the Byron White NFL Award in 2000.

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Larry Izzo, a former linebacker for the New England Patriots, was once awarded a game ball by coach Bill Belichick for taking a shit on the sideline during an NFL game without anyone noticing

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  1. Shawn Merriman, former NFL linebacker for the San Diego Chargers, "rendered four opposing players unconscious in the first half of one game" as a sophomore in high school.

  2. NFL Hall of Fame linebacker Chuck Bednarik went from practice to his second job of selling concrete

  3. Rob Konrad, a former NFL linebacker who fell off his boat while fishing alone in the Atlantic Ocean and swam 9 miles to shore. It took him 16 hours.

  4. An NFL linebacker was investigated on felony taunting charges by the Pittsburgh police department for allegedly barking, screaming, & pouding his shirtless chest directly at a K-9 police dog before the start of a Raiders/Steelers game.

  5. NFL linebacker Bill Romanowski purposely broke NY Giants running back Dave Meggett's finger at the bottom of a pile after a tackle.

  6. Linebackers in the NFL once had to choose jersey numbers in the 50s. Football player and Actor Brian Bosworth is the reason why the NFL changed a rule for linebackers to be allowed to wear jerseys in the 40s. The rule became known as the "Brian Bosworth rule"

  7. Linebacker Dont'a Hightower saved a best friend in a F-5 tornado that killed 60 people, injured 1,500 others, and caused over $2 billion in damage. Since then, he was drafted in the 1st round of the NFL Draft, and led the Super Bowl Champion New England Patriots with 97 tackles last season.

  8. The son of Road Warrior Animal (WWE) is James Laurinaitis (NFL Linebacker)

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