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Wolves have musical culture that changes depending on geographic location. Though mutually intelligible, howls of European wolves are much more protracted and melodious than those of North American wolves, whose howls are louder and have a stronger emphasis on the first syllable.

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"Chinese" is not just "Mandarin" and "Cantonese", but at least 7 distinct language groups, or hundreds of local varieties, many of which are not mutually intelligible

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  1. Serbo-Croatian is a language comprising of four mutually intelligible variants and is the official language of 5 countries. It has 5 different names (not related to the countries) and can be written in both Latin and Cryllic script.

  2. The Scots language, a language spoken in the lowlands of Scotland that is mutually intelligible with English

  3. While Danish, Swedish, and Norwegian are mutually intelligible, Finnish is not.

  4. There is no single unified Kurdish Language that all Kurds can understand and speak, instead, Kurdish is a collection of related dialects (with varying levels of mutual intelligibility) spread across a continuum.

  5. Scottish Gaelic and Manx Gaelic (Isle of Man) both developed out of Irish. And speakers of Scottish Gaelic and Irish can rapidly develop mutual intelligibility with one another.

  6. Serbian and Croatian overlap to such an extent that they are mutually intelligible to their respective speakers. It is widely accepted that they are in fact, one and the same.

  7. Toishanese was the dominant language as well as lingua franca in Chinatowns across Canada and the United States. It is commonly mistaken for Cantonese but has little mutual intelligibility with it

  8. Sudan has multiple regional sign languages, which are not mutually intelligible

  9. British Sign Language and American Sign Language are not mutually intelligible, meaning that while British people and American people can understand their common written and spoken language, their sign users can’t understand one another.

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