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Hebrew was a dead language for about 1400 years, surviving only in written form. In the 1880s, Jewish linguists attempted to revive it, standardizing and developing Hebrew as a spoken language. Today, it has over 5 million native speakers.

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A major reason why native English speakers have issues understanding German humour, is that the German language is way too precise to allow for the humorous confusions found in English. Also, German humour is usually delivered with a deadpan, which makes foreigners think they're being serious.

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  1. The language spoken in Wakanda is Xhosa, an official language of South Africa and Zimbabwe and that John Kani who played King T'Chaka is a native speaker

  2. There are more people who have learned English as a second language than there are native speakers.

  3. Louisiana has its own version of French called "Creole French" which only 70'000 people can speak. It varies so much from standard French that native French speakers cannot understand it.

  4. Phrases like, "Long time no see," and "Chop chop" are gramatically incorrect and originate from Chinese immigrants. These phrases may have been coined by native speakers immitating these immigrants.

  5. The United States has the 4th largest native Spanish-speaking population in the world, and has more native speakers than Spain

  6. A shibboleth is a word that can only be said correctly by native speakers. During WW2, American troops used the word "lollapalooza" to check unidentified people. Japanese spies would often go to areas posing as allied men, if the first two syllables come back as rorra, they would kill them.

  7. An extinct language no longer has any speakers. A dead language is no longer the native language of any community, even if it is still in use.

  8. There are more people who have learned English as a second language than there are native English speakers, and that English is the most commonly learned second language.

  9. Native German and Russian speaker's tongues naturally rest on the bottom of their mouths while English speakers tongues rest on the top.

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Languages Analysis: Number of Wikipedia Articles -VS- Native Speakers Population

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Frequency rank plot of 1100 english words I learnt in the past 2 years (I'm not a native speaker)

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While Mandarin Has Twice as Many Native Speakers as English, English Has Twice as Many Total Speakers.

Ainu, a critically endangered language in Japan with only ten native speakers. - source

Newborns recognize their native language. In an experiment on 4 day olds, researchers presented French babies with recordings of a bilingual speaker telling the same story once in French, and once in Russian. The babies,who had “overheard” French in the womb, showed a preference for French - source

Native English speakers are never taught the correct way to order adjectives: they just know it

"A sentence must not end in a preposition." is one of many misconceptions about the English language that even native speakers can't get rid of. - source

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In 1950 over 1 million French citizens were native speakers of a Celtic language called Breton, today there are less than 250,000. The language is isolated to the Brittany peninsula in Northwest France.

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The Mexican language of Ayapa Zoque has only two native speakers left, and they refuse to talk to each other.

Giancarlo Esposito, who portrayed the villain Gustavo Fring in Breaking Bad, has such a poor Spanish accent that some native speakers have described it as 'Nails on chalkboard'.

US Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas is not a native English speaker and spoke exclusively the Gullah language until his teens

The last native speaker of Scottish Norse died in 1850, and fragments survived until at least the 1890s

The first native English speaker to teach English in Japan was named Ranald MacDonald

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Direction of writing by number of native speakers.

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Ayapaneco, an indigenous language in southern Mexico, was in the brink of extinction because the only 2 native speakers refused to talk to each other.

It is approximated that there are twice as many non-native speakers of English than native speakers. As a result, though Mandarin has the largest number of native speakers, English has the largest total number of speakers as well as largest number of non-native speakers.

There is usually only one place within a word to insert the word "fucking" and native speakers inherently know where that is. This is known as Expletive Infixation.

There is a colony of Welsh speakers in Argentine Patagonia, set up in 1865 by Welsh people who believed their native language was threatened in their native Wales. An estimated 5,000-12,000 people there speak Welsh as their first language, a further 25,000 speaking it as their second language.

Around 10 million people claim Manchu ancestry, but only 10 people are native speakers of the Manchurian Language making it a severely endangered language.

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Breton language is considered "severely endangered" by the UNESCO, as about two-thirds of native speakers are over 60 years old.

It is estimated that half of the residents of BC are not native English speakers. Chinese is the second most common language in BC, following English.

In the 1800s there was a Gaelic revival effort. The Manx language of the Gaelic culture was almost lost when the last native speaker died in the 1970s, however it is being taught as a second language in all schools.

A linguist raised his son to be a native Klingon speaker.

There is a colony of Welsh speakers in Patagonia. The Welsh people first arrived in Patagonia in 1865. The reason for their migration was to protect their native Welsh culture and language, which they believed was threatened in their native Wales.

The country with the highest percentage of native English speakers is Ireland, followed by UK and New Zealand. Canada ranks as only 56% due to the prevalence of French and First Nations languages.

The Sapir–Whorf hypothesis - or linguistic relativity - which postulates that that the structure of a language influences, and may even determine, the way a native speaker perceives and experiences the world.

Paw Paw French is a dialect of French that was widely spoken in Missouri for hundreds of years. Today there are only a few dozen native speakers left.

Hawaiian Pidgin English - a creole language of Hawai'i with over 600,000 native speakers as of 2012, officially declared a language in 2015 by the U.S. Census Bureau.

A man named Ranald MacDonald (not to be confused with the McDonald's mascot) was the first native English speaker to teach English to Japan. He taught it to 14 samurai after being captured and being sent to Nagasaki in 1848, a few years before Commodore Perry arrived to negotiate open trade.

Brazil has over 3.000.000 native German speakers, second highest in the world (outside of German-speaking countries) after the USA.

English is spoken by 1.4 billion people around the world. Only 4% are native speakers and 96% of English speakers have an accent influenced by their native language

George Soros is one of the few people who alive who was raised a native Esperanto speaker, and Soros translates to "will soar" in Esperanto.

Morality changes in a foreign language. Foreign language learners give more utilitarian judgments in moral predicaments than native speakers. A weaker emotional connection to your second language could mean a loosening of your morals.

The Wymysorys language, a West Germanic language historically spoken in the town of Wilamowice, Poland. It was commonly used in the town until World War II, but today there are fewer than 20 native speakers left, most of them elderly.

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