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The Basque language is an absolute isolated language: It has not been shown to be related to any other language despite numerous attempts

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Korean is a "language isolate", a language with no known relatives. It has more speakers than every other isolate combined.

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  1. In 1493 King James IV conducted an experiment by sending a mute woman and her two infants to an empty island to see what language the children would naturally speak in isolation from the rest of the world.

  2. The Basque language is the only isolate language of Western Europe - it is not related to Spanish, French, or any other known language.

  3. Korean is a language isolate; having developed independent of all other languages. It is the largest language isolate by a wide margin

  4. In 1950 over 1 million French citizens were native speakers of a Celtic language called Breton, today there are less than 250,000. The language is isolated to the Brittany peninsula in Northwest France.

  5. In 1493, it is speculated that King James of Scotland sent two newborns to live in isolation with a deaf, mute woman to see what language they would speak. The King supposedly reported that the children grew up speaking Hebrew.

  6. In the 16th-18th century, the linguistically isolated Basque people of the Pyrenees would sail so far north to whale, that they formed pidgins (simple mixes of two languages allowing basic communication) with both the Icelandic and Algonquin peoples.

  7. The Gullah-Geechee people of Georgia, Florida, and South Carolina are unique among African Americans because of their known connections to Western Africa and, among other things, a creole language and culture. This has been possible because they were relatively isolated from USA white people.

  8. There is proof if children grow up in language isolation they will naturally develop their own.

  9. Tribes on the Andaman Islands have evolved in isolation for so long that their languages are mutually unintelligible from their closest neighbors, and particular genes are unlike any other population on the planet.

  10. In 1957, a child named Genie was completely isolated from human contact by her sadistic father until the age of 13 years. Her rescue prompted the discovery of 'critical learning periods' in humans, points in time after which a person is rendered unable to learn something (e.g. language).

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Two isolated twins girls invented their own language after being mistaken for being mentally disabled by their parents. Later, they underwent speech therapy and learnt to speak English.

Linguists are fascinated by the recent development of Nicaraguan Sign language since it was created by isolated deaf kids who originally had no language to communicate with. - source

On India's North Sentinel Island, there exists an isolated group of hunter gatherers that violently rejects all contact with outsiders. Their language has no close relatives, suggesting that the inhabitants of the island have been isolated for thousands of years. - source

About Gullah, a dialect of West African languages used by slaves in South Carolina that combined English with African terms and stills survived in some isolated areas today.

The Haida language is a Language Isolate unique to the people of Haida Gwaii and southern Alaska. The last fluent elders go between the schools, recording room, language nest and adult classes because of their love of Xaad Kil, their local dialect - source

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There are communities of Africans called Siddis who have lived in India for more than 5 centuries, served royal dynasties and even headed them. Fluent in local languages and observant of some Hindu customs, today they live a largely isolated and poor existence in their villages.

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Rotokas, a language isolate spoken by about 4,320 people on the island of Bougainville, an island located to the east of New Guinea which is part of Papua New Guinea, has the least letters in it's alphabet with only 12 letters.

Scrabble is popular in Arabic. The Arabic language has up to four different ways of writing each letter in its alphabet, but Scrabble uses an isolated form – similar to that used in Arabic crosswords – that allows players to create words out of letters that are not connected to each other

About the Ket people, an isolated population of 1200 in Siberia. Their language is strikingly similar in structure to the Native North American languages, and they are one of the last true hunter and gatherer societies on Earth.

Twins Grace and Virginia Kennedy (or Poto and Cabengo, as they called each other) who developed their own language to communicate after being effectively isolated by their family. Twins making a language isn't unheard of, and the phenomenon is called cryptophasia

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Sumerian is the language of ancient Sumer, a language isolate which was spoken in southern Mesopotamia (modern Iraq). During the 3rd millennium BC, a very intimate cultural symbiosis developed between the Sumerians and the Akkadians.

The Basque language is an absolute isolated language: It has not been shown to be related to any other language despite numerous attempts.

The "Feral child," AKA Genie, who was isolated from society for 13 years, and due to that, was unable to learn language like a normal human

There are 2-5 signed language families in Canada (including Francosign languages: ASL / LSQ), and one of them is Inuiuuk or Inuit Sign Language which is a language isolate. Inuiuuk, like other sign languages, is distant from the oral languages spoken, and there are only about 50 speakers left.

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Linguist have been fascinated with Nicaraguan Sign Language since it is a new language created by isolated deaf kids who originally had no language to communicate with.

About "Poto & Cabengo", two twin girls who left in isolation at a young age developed their own language with a complete grammatical structure and accent.

The Tasaday People in the Philippines, a tribe whose language and stone-age culture was so isolated from other surrounding tribes that many anthropologists were convinced that members of surrounding tribes were engaging in an elaborate hoax under pressure from gov't officials, and for money.

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