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Ermines communicate via sense of smell. They use scent produced in the anal glands to mark the borders of their territory and to announce readiness to mate.

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Masked palm civet occupies territory of 0.4 to 0.8 square miles and marks it with a scent from the anal glands.

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  1. African clawless otter is solitary creature that occasionally lives in group composed of 5 to 6 animals. Even when they live in group, each African clawless otter marks piece of its own territory with substance produced in the anal gland.

  2. Aardwolf is solitary and territorial animal. It occupies territory of 1 to 4 square miles. Boundaries of territory are marked with urine, dung and scent produced in anal gland. Aardwolf fiercely defends its territory (by fighting with other aardwolves).

  3. Since the substance secreted by their anal gland has very strong and unpleasant smell, wolverines are also known as 'skunk bears".

  4. Asian palm civet spends part of its life on the ground and other part on the trees. It uses anal glands to mark its territory.

  5. Fossa is a solitary and territorial animal. It uses special scent produced by the anal gland to mark its 4 square kilometer large territory.

  6. Besides humans, main predators of pangolins are lions, tigers and leopards. Pangolin has couple of methods when defending against them. It curls into a ball exposing its sharp scales. This also helps pangolin to keep its sensitive body parts hidden. Pangolin can also spray the predator with the substance produced in the anal scent gland. Skunk uses the same mechanism.

  7. Besides its teeth and claws, honey badger uses stinky odor produced in the anal gland to chase away predators. Honey badger is able to chase away lions from their prey and to attack bee hive of killer bees. For all these reasons, honey badger is listed as the most fearless animal in the Guinness books of records.

  8. Muskrats are named "musk-rats" because they look like rats that produce specific smelly substance in the anal gland. This substance is used to mark borders of the territory.

  9. Masked palm civet fights against predators by releasing foul smelling substance from the anal glands. Prominent facial mask serves as a warning sign that this animal can fight back when it is threatened.

  10. Olingos use scent produced in the anal gland to deter predators and keep them on a safe distance.

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Common kusimanse is territorial animal. It uses scent produced in the anal gland to mark borders of its territory. It will aggressively defend its home against all kind of intruders.

Scientific name of ferret, "Mustela putorius furo", means 'smelly little thief" because of the musky smell produced in the anal glands and natural instinct to steal and hide various things.

Castoreum is a food additive often called "natural flavoring" that comes from the anal glands of beavers. - source

Grass snakes apply several defensive strategies when they are threatened. They can lay motionless and pretend to be dead. They can release foul smelling substance from the anal gland to repel the predator. When they are cornered, grass snakes can hiss and strike opponent with their heads.

Anal scent glands from beavers are used in perfumes including Chanel, Lancome and Givenchy. - source

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Hyenas mark their territory with white droppings produced in the anal gland. This substance has a strong smell and it informs other hyenas that territory is already occupied.

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The U.S. FDA has approved the use of beaver anal glands for artificial flavorings including vanilla, raspberry and strawberry for the last 80 years.

Castoreum (as found in the anal gland of beavers) has been used by humans for 1000s of years for anything from inducing abortions (which didn't work) to flavoring some of your favorite foods

Raspberry flavoring is made from the secretions of a beaver's anal gland

Some natural vanilla flavoring comes from beaver anal glands.

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People "purge the anal gland" on their poor dogs.

Beavers only have one opening for their digestive and reproductive systems and it is sometimes easier to determine their sex by suppressing their anal glands. If the secretions are dark brownish, then it is male. If they are clear or whitish, then it is female.

"natural flavors" could mean that the vanilla flavored food/drinks I have been eating/drinking could get that flavor from the anal glands of a beaver.

Humans have anal glands which secrete an individual's unique scent

Beaver Anal Glands are used in natural flavoring of foods, apparently, beaver butt has a raspberry taste to it.

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Opossums use their anal glands when they "play possum". As the opossum mimics death, the glands secrete a foul-smelling liquid, suggesting the opossum is rotting.

FDA list castoreum which comes from beaver anal glands as a safe natural vanilla flavoring.

Products like vanilla ice cream that have the label “natural flavors” on it, most likely contain the secretion of a Beavers Anal Gland! The name for the natural additive is Castoreum.

Raspberry and vanilla flavored foods contain castoreum, a secretion from a beaver's anal gland.

Artificial raspberry flavoring is milked from the anal glands of beavers.

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