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Castoreum, an anal secretion from beavers, is sometimes used to add vanilla flavour in some alcoholic beverages, puddings, ice cream, candy and chewing gum, and is labeled as "natural flavour" in the ingredients list.

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Beavers secrete a sort of anal-molasses that's used to make vanilla flavoring and scents.

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  1. Beavers mark their territories with Castoreum, an anal excretion. This is used in food under the name "Natural Flavouring."

  2. Castoreum is a food additive often called "natural flavoring" that comes from the anal glands of beavers.

  3. The U.S. FDA has approved the use of beaver anal glands for artificial flavorings including vanilla, raspberry and strawberry for the last 80 years.

  4. Castoreum (as found in the anal gland of beavers) has been used by humans for 1000s of years for anything from inducing abortions (which didn't work) to flavoring some of your favorite foods

  5. Raspberry flavoring is made from the secretions of a beaver's anal gland

  6. Some natural vanilla flavoring comes from beaver anal glands.

  7. 'Castoreum', otherwise known as the anal discharge of a beaver, is used to flavor a surprising amount of every day products.

  8. Beavers only have one opening for their digestive and reproductive systems and it is sometimes easier to determine their sex by suppressing their anal glands. If the secretions are dark brownish, then it is male. If they are clear or whitish, then it is female.

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"natural flavors" could mean that the vanilla flavored food/drinks I have been eating/drinking could get that flavor from the anal glands of a beaver.

Beaver Anal Glands are used in natural flavoring of foods, apparently, beaver butt has a raspberry taste to it. - source

Four disgusting perfume ingredients. Deer, civet and beaver anal excretions, and whale vomit. - source

FDA list castoreum which comes from beaver anal glands as a safe natural vanilla flavoring.

Raspberry and vanilla flavored foods contain castoreum, a secretion from a beaver's anal gland. - source

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Products like vanilla ice cream that have the label “natural flavors” on it, most likely contain the secretion of a Beavers Anal Gland! The name for the natural additive is Castoreum.

Artificial raspberry flavoring is milked from the anal glands of beavers.

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