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It is illegal to bring a copy of "Robinson Crusoe" into the micro-nation of Elleore, and if you do, your punishment is 11 minutes and 17 seconds in prison.

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There is a micro-nation named the Principality of Sealand 6 miles off the coast of Britain with an area of 6 acres. On 7/24 this year they hosted the first ever 'Half-Marathon of Sealand', which involved a treadmill.

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  1. Key West once declared itself a micro-nation named the Conch Republic, declared war against the United States, surrendered after one minute, and then requested $1 billion in foreign aid from the U.S. federal government.

  2. A separate micro-nation was opened in Czech Republic dated 1996 with the sole purpose to facilitate BDSM and Femdom.

  3. Leicester Hemingway, Ernest Hemingway's younger brother, founded a micro nation off the coast of Jamaica in 1964 and called it New Atlantis. The micro nation was destroyed by a tropical storm in 1966 and ransacked by fishermen.

  4. There exists a micro-nation called Sealand, which has a population of 27 people and has its own flag and currency system.

  5. The Republic of Molossia, a micro nation that borders the US state of Nevada. It is an independant, sovereign country complete with its own laws, navy and passport office. visitors are welcome.

  6. In 1996 a micro-nation called The Other World Kingdom was established, a self proclaimed "Matriarchy based off of BDSM and male sexual slavery."

  7. In the 1980's a Tasmanian man named John Charlton Rudge created his own "micro-nation" called the Grand Duchy of Avram, which he himself still holds the position of Duke. To this day there are 5 members of his nation which also has its won currency and bank.

  8. The former prez of Pepsi Co. founded a micro-nation soley for male tuna anglers near Nova Scotia.

  9. Liberland, an unrecognised micro-nation in Europe, has stated that no Kurds, Russians, Chinese or Arabs will be accepted as citizens. The ''country'' advertised itself as being anti-discrimination and liberal and uses ''To live and Let Live'' as its slogan.

  10. There is a whole Micro Nation inside the state of Nevada

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The the Glacier Republic, a micro-nation founded by Greenpeace to protest glacier mining in Chile.

The Republic of Minerva, a 'micro nation' consisting of submerged reefs, established by a Libertarian from Las Vegas. They would later be invaded by a five man army by the Tongan King 'His Majesty King TaufaŹ»ahau Tupou IV' - source

Key West seceded from the United States, calling their new micro-nation "The Conch Republic", then declared full-scale war on the US with stale Cuban bread as arms. - source

about Liberland, a micro-nation between Croatia and Serbia

Molossia', a micro nation in Nevada that consists only of a house, back yard and front yard. The world's smallest republic has claimed to be fighting a war with East Germany. - source

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The Republic of Rose Island, a micro nation built on a platform off the coast of Italy which the Italian Navy eventually invaded and blew up with dynamite.

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In 1978 a civil war occurred in Sealand a micro nation with 550 square meter area .

About Kugelmugel: A Spherical 'Micro-Nation' in the Middle of Vienna

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