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Iran has the highest female to male ratio in universities among all sovereign nations. More than 70% of students in engineering and pure sciences are women.

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Singapore used sand from rival Indonesia to grow its land mass. This was banned after Indonesians realized they were literally ceding sovereign land to another nation.

What is the name of both a u.s. state and a sovereign nation?

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  1. During droughts, California prohibits companies from bottling too much water. Nestlé went around this by buying a massive water plant inside an Indian reservation (officially considered a sovereign nation) that doesn't have to comply with state water regulations.

  2. Uruguay is the world's only sovereign nation that does not extend north of the 30 degrees south latitude. All other nations include at least some land further north than all points in Uruguay.

  3. This summer there is a world cup occurring for "nations" and peoples that are not considered sovereign states by FIFA.

  4. Switzerland has a "Lakes flotilla" which is a series of boats for patrolling the lakes of its borders. As a company of the army, this may make up the smallest navy of a sovereign nation

  5. The Republic of San Marino is the oldest sovereign nation in Europe, being said to have declared independence from the Roman Empire in September 301 AD.

  6. The US operates about 800 military bases and logistical facilities outside its sovereign territory -- more than any other nation. All the other foreign bases owned by countries together total about 30.

  7. In 1993 a beach on Oahu was occupied for 15 months by a group of Hawaiian Nationalists, led by Bumpy Kanahele. In exchange for a peaceful resolution, the governor ceded a 45 acre parcel of land, that now regards itself as a sovereign nation, with Bumpy as it's head of state.

  8. It wasn"t until July 4th, 1946, that the Philippines became a sovereign nation and gained its independence from the United States.

  9. Since 1453, there have been 465 sovereign nations that have ceased to exist.

  10. The Seasteading Institute, dedicated to creating floating, sovereign nations in international waters.

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What is the name of a us state and a sovereign nation?

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Number of Sovereign States in Europe VS. Inter-National Wars

Why are indian reservations a sovereign nation?

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Most of Northeast Oklahoma is now a federally-recognized sovereign Cherokee Nation. It is not an Indian reservation.

The city of Rome contains the capitals of three sovereign nations: Italy, Vatican City and the Sovereign Military Order of Malta. - source

Seasteading, an attempt to establish new sovereign nations built on oil-rig-type platforms anchored in international waters—free from the regulation, laws, and moral suasion of any landlocked country. - source

Morocco was the first sovereign nation to recognize the United States of America as an independent country in 1776. American-Moroccan relations were formalized in a 1787 treaty, which is still in force today and is the oldest unbroken bilateral treaty in American history.

The national flag of Nepal is the world's only non-quadrilateral flag that acts as both the state flag and civil flag of a sovereign nation. - source

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When Eritrea became a sovereign nation in 1991, it turned Ethiopia a landlocked nation.

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There are numerous islands in the Indian Ocean, some belonging to bordering countries and some which are sovereign nations.

Arnold Schwarzenegger -- while Governor of California -- said "The Indians are ripping us off," referring to the lack of taxation of casinos on Indian reservations, which are considered sovereign nations not governed by the US

As of 2017, 159 of the world's 206 sovereign states use the word "republic" as part of their official names. However, not all of these are republics in the sense of having elected governments, nor is the word "republic" used in the names of all nations with elected governments.

A man in Nevada claimed ownership of the moon, declared it a sovereign nation, and has sold over 2.5 million acres of lunar land to Earth dwellers.

The Republic of Texas was a sovereign nation from 1836-1846.

When did australia became a sovereign nation?

The last day of World War One, known as Armistice Day, Remembrance Day, and Veterans Day, is also National Independence Day in Poland and remembered as the day Poland reemerged as a sovereign nation after 123 years.

Dada Life tried to form a sovereign nation called Dada Land which led to the Swedish Government revoking their passports.

A study by the National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism found that the Sovereign citizen movement was a greater terrorist threat than islamic extremism.

While it has been described as the world's smallest country or nation, Sealand is not officially recognised by any established sovereign state in spite of Sealand's government's claim that it has been de facto recognised by the United Kingdom and Germany.

The small island nation of Singapore has two sovereign wealth funds with a combined size of more than half a trillion dollars despite Singapore having no natural resources like nations such as Norway.

How many sovereign nations are there in the world?

In 1967 a man took over an abandoned sea fortress off UK shores and 'declared' it a sovereign nation still known as Sealand.

Simon Bolivar is the only person in the world to have two sovereign nations named after him: Bolivia and Venezuela (the country's full name is Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela).

There are "Shadow Ratings" available from the World Bank for sovereign nations that lack credit ratings from the Big 3 Credit Rating Agencies

In 2003, Boon Island, a small island off the coast of Maine, declared itself a sovereign nation

In 2005 a New York artist founded Zaqistan, what he calls a sovereign nation in the middle of the Utah desert, using land he bought on eBay for $610. This year it celebrated its tenth year of independence. The USA does not recognise its sovereignty.

Vatican City became a sovereign nation in 1929 at the order of Benito Mussolini after the signing of the Lateran Treaty.

The largest county in the US (San Bernardino, California) is larger than 9 states and 71 sovereign nations.

The Republic of Molossia, a micro nation that borders the US state of Nevada. It is an independant, sovereign country complete with its own laws, navy and passport office. visitors are welcome.

The Hawaiian Kingdom is a sovereign independent nation and not actually part of the USA but is instead an occupied territory under wartime law as stated and regulated by the Hague and Geneva Conventions

The US dollar is the official currency of several sovereign nations including Ecuador and Zimbabwe.

The Navajo Nation spans across 3 states, covering 27,425 square miles. It is the largest Indian reservation, and is semi-autonomous and legally a sovereign nation.

There are no sovereign nations that have a name starting with W or X

The County of San Bernardino, California is larger than each of the nine smallest states, larger than the four smallest states combined, and larger than 71 different sovereign nations.

The US and New Zealand are the only two developed sovereign nations that allow direct to consumer ads of pharmaceuticals.

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