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Saddam Hussein offered to step down to exile from the Iraqi government in 2003 prior to the invasion if he was allowed to keep USD $1 Billion

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Back in 1990s, a chinese gynecologist discovered AIDS and its nature to spread by blood. She tried to warn and save thousands of uneducated farmers, but got hunted down by the Chinese government because they were profiting from the incident, forcing her exile.

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  1. Danzig, an independent free city between 1920 and 1939, has a government in exile. This govt claims that the Allies had no authority to incorporate Danzig into Poland after WWII because Danzig was a neutral free city which was invaded by Germany.

  2. The Polish Government in Exile, formed after the Nazi and Soviet invasion in 1939, refused to recognize the Polish People's Republic until fair elections were held. They continued to have a president, PM, and a cabinet that met every week in London until 1990 when democracy was restored

  3. When the Allies liberated France in 1944, Petain and other members of the Vichy government were exiled to Germany until the end of the war.

  4. In 1919 the government of Belarus was forced into exile and they still exist today, 100 years later, making the Rada of the Belarusian Democratic Republic the worlds oldest government in exile.

  5. Dante wrote a diatribe against members of the Florentine government in approximately 1308 and was permanently exiled from Florence.

  6. Marius Schoon, a white anti-Apartheid activist. While he was exiled in Angola, a South African government secret forces left a parcel bomb at his house. His wife Jeanette and his five year old daughter were killed, and his son was so traumatized by their mutilation, that he developed epilepsy

  7. In 1979 the Thatcher government in the U.K., helped by its allies (the U.S. and China), supported Pol Pot while in exile in Thailand by providing them with intelligence, food, weapons and military training after the regime had already murdered 1.5million+ people in Cambodia.

  8. An independent Belarusian state existed between 1918 and 1919; this state still has a government-in-exile right now, 97 years later.

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A member of the Polish government in exile during WWII committed suicide in protest of U.S. and U.K. inaction toward the Holocaust

Benito Juarez, the first indigenous president of Mexico, lived in New Orleans twice in political exile, and worked in a tobacco factory there as he planned the overthrow of the Santa Ana government. He permanently returned to Mexico a year before Civil War broke out in the United States. - source

The government-in-exile of Poland, formed in 1939 following the Nazi invasion, was maintained until the 1990 dissolution of communist rule, with a president and cabinet of eight meeting in London until then. - source

Some Estonian politicians were not content that a new goverment wasn't elected according to pre-war constitution, so they reestablished the government-in-exile Estonia had since Soviet annexation. Therefore Estonia has government-in-exile in its own capital. - source

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The former Nazi collaborator and fascist dictator of the Independent State of Croatia Ante Pavelić escaped to Argentina via the ratlines, remained politically active, and even founded a Croatian Government in Exile.

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Seretse Khama became kgosi (king) of Bechuanaland at the age of 4, was exiled by the ruling British government for marrying a white woman, and later became Prime Minister of Bechuanaland and then the first President of newly independent Botswana.

In 1946 Ho Chi Minh offered David Ben-Gurion (considered the "founder of Israel") a Jewish home-in-exile in Vietnam. Ben-Gurion turned him down saying "I am certain we shall be able to establish a Jewish Government in Palestine."

The Belarusian People's Republic, which ceased to exist in 1919, still has a government-in-exile right now, almost 100 years later.

The Principality of Sealand has had a rebel government in exile since 1978 after a hostage crisis.

The longest government in exile is the Rada of the Belarusian Democratic Republic. It has been in exile since 1920.

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Anne Frank rewrote her diary in 1944 to improve content and language after hearing the Dutch government-in-exile's advise to keep diaries as a record of what went on under the Nazis

The "Free city of Danzig", an independent country from 1920-1939, has a government in exile, called "Rat der Danziger" (Council of Danzig). Their goal is to reestablish the country with its constitution from 1921

Some members of the Ottoman dynasty had to work as taxi drivers or cemetery guards in order to support themselves after the Turkish government exiled them.

The Kuwaiti government-in-exile was one of the most effective governments to ever operate. From Saudi Arabia, Kuwaiti Leader set up his government so that its ministers were in constant communication with the people still in Kuwait, planning attacks and operations.

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During 1946-58, the US conducted nuclear weapons testing at Bikini Attoll in the Marshall Islands, where many of the inhabitants today still live in exile, as the islands remain contaminated with high levels of radiation. Today just 1 of the 60 islands were cleaned by the US government.

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