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Seattle fans cheered and celebrated so loudly during Marshawn Lynch's 67 yard run in which he broke 9 tackles and scored the winning run that it registered earthquake activity on many nearby instruments.

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NFL RB Marshawn Lynch eats Skittles during games, a habit that began in high school. After he was shown eating the candy during a televised game, Mars gave him a 2 year supply and a custom dispenser for his locker. Weeks later, he wore cleats featuring a Skittles pattern and was fined $10,000.

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  1. Marshawn Lynch pulled off the rare quadruple negative in one sentence.

  2. Marshawn Lynch's favorite thing about Buffalo was the Applebee's

  3. Marshawn Lynch and Justin Forsett were roommates at the University of California, and Lynch's cousin is the ill-fated first overall draft pick JaMarcus Russell

  4. Football star Marshawn Lynch has never cashed any of the ~$60 million worth of NFL checks he has amassed in his career

  5. Marshawn Lynch lived off of two placentas in the womb. Doctor predicted he might be extra strong. Beast Mode!

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