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Lou Pai a former Enron executive who cashed out $280 million in stock and left the company right before it collapsed, divorced his wife, married an exotic dancer, bought a ranch in Colorado for $12 million and later sold it for $60 million. He has never been charged with any criminal wrongdoing

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A fondness for strippers saved Enron Executive Lou Pai ~$270 million. His infidelity led to a divorce, enabling him to sell Enron stock to cover a divorce settlement just before the Enron scandal broke.

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  1. A man called Lou Pai, by impregnating a stripper and cheating on his wife, accidently managed to escape a bankrupt situation and rode off into the sunset with $280,000,000

  2. Enron executive Lou Pai was saved from insider trading charges because he had an affair with a stripper.

  3. Lou Pai, an Enron executive, who walked away with $280 million and became the 2nd largest landowner in Colorado.

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