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Due to a typo, the Japanese company Mizuho Securities tried to sell 610,000 shares for a yen each (less than a penny) instead of 1 share for 610,000 yen (around $5,000). Despite three separate attempts to cancel it, the Tokyo Stock Exchange processed it anyway, costing the company $225 million.

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In 1996 a Canadian mining company announced a massive gold find, going from a penny stock to $280 and raising $6 billion in investment. It was found the land was worthless and the lead geologist had been shaving gold off his wedding ring and adding it to drill core samples.

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  1. In 1996 a Canadian mining company Bre-X announced a huge discovery of gold and in the process went from a penny stock to $280/share and being valued at $4 billion. In reality it was all a fraud and the lead geologist was shaving off gold from his wedding band to add to drill core samples

  2. A Canadian penny-stock 'found' a massive gold deposit in 1995, sending the stock up 80,000%. It would prove to be a huge fraud - the chief geologist shaved his wedding ring to spike the core samples. He later comitted suicide by jumping from a helicopter

  3. Connor Bruggeman, a high schooler who made $300k trading penny stocks, often at school on his phone.

  4. Until 2001, almost all American stock exchanges did not use the penny, preferring instead to use fractions such as 1/64 of a dollar in their valuations.

  5. When Google acquired Nest Labs, an obscure Rhode Island company called Nestor saw a 1900% increase of its penny stock as a result of investors mistaking it for Nest.

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