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FedEx's current CEO and founder Frederick W. Smith didn't have enough money to keep the company afloat, he took the remaining 5k and brought it to Vegas and by Monday morning they had 32k, enough to fuel their planes and stay in business long enough for another round of funding.

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The story of FedEx's founder, Frederick Smith, submitting his business plan as a term paper and receiving a failing grade with an admonition that it would never work, is a myth. He dimly remembers he got about a C, mostly because "it wasn't a well-thought-out paper."

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  1. Fedex got down to the last $5k, which wasn't enough to refuel the planes to make that weekend's deliveries. With impending bankruptcy and no other options Frederick Smith literally took it to Vegas, got lucky, and turned it into enough money to refuel, finish the shipments, and save the company.

  2. Frederick W. Smith, the CEO, founder and chairman of FedEx, has separately killed two people in motor vehicle accidents: one in a hit and run (for which he was released on $250 bond), and another where he lost control, causing the vehicle to flip, killing the passenger.

  3. The founder of FedEx, Frederick W. Smith, saved the company from bankruptcy with his Blackjack winnings

  4. FedEx once only had $5,000 left after being denied a crucial business loan. To save the company, the CEO, Frederick Smith, took the $5,000, went to Las Vegas and won $27,000 gambling on blackjack to cover the company's $24,000 fuel bill which kept the company alive for one more week

  5. Frederick Smith saved his then bankrupt buisness FedEx by gambling his last $5,000 on blackjack and won $27,000, enough to keep FedEx going for another week while it secured additional funds.

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