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Harry Markopolos determined Bernie Madoff was a fraud within five minutes of review. He then spent 10 unsuccessful years trying to alert the SEC.

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One of Bernie Madoff's ponzi scheme victims was a professor that wrote a book on gullibility and scams.

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  1. The US is holding $4 billion of Bernie Madoff’s ill-gotten gains. Thousands of victims are still waiting for repayment.

  2. Judge Denny Chin received no letters of support for Bernie Madoff's character, and chose to sentence him to the maximum sentence of 150 years

  3. John Malkovich was financially ruined by Bernie Madoff

  4. Bernie Madoff's niece, who worked at his company, ended up marrying one of the SEC officials who was investigating the business.

  5. Bernie Madoff will be released from jail on November 14, 2139, 130 years 279 days from his conviction date in 2009

  6. Bernie Madoff's best friend in prison is Carmine John Persico Jr., boss of the Columbo crime family, who is serving 100+ years in the same prison

  7. The biggest beneficiary of the Madoff ponzi scheme was not Bernie Madoff or his children, but a Jeffry Picower, an early investor, who made more than $7.2 billion

  8. Bobby Bonilla last played professionally in 1999, but is being paid $1.2 million per year from the Mets until 2035. He makes more than most of the current Mets roster. The Mets owner agreed to the deal because of the 10% returns he was seeing from Bernie Madoff.

  9. Lawyers had collected over $700 million as of 2013 to administer the recovery of Bernie Madoff's assets after his fraud was exposed.

  10. Actors such as Kevin Bacon and John Malkovich lost millions of dollars from investing in the Bernie Madoff ponzi scheme

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Elie Wiesel invested a significant portion of his money into Bernie Madoff's ponzi scheme. He lost $15.2 million as a result.

Bernie Madoff's son killed himself, exactly 2 year's after Madoff's arrest - source

Early in his career, Bernie Madoff and his company helped to develop innovative computer information technology that would later become the NASDAQ. - source

Bernie Madoff, who stole 18 billion from investors, was active in the National Association of Securities Dealers, a self-regulatory securities industry organization and served as the Chairman of the Board of Directors and the Board of Governors. Today it's known as FINRA.

Bernie Madoff donated millions of dollars to charities, including cancer research. After his arrest, the federal government froze or siezed large amounts of the money he donated, including 19 million donated to an organ transplant charity. - source

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The inmate housing units at FCI-Butner (where Bernie Madoff is) are named: Clemson, Georgia Tech, Virginia, Duke, North Carolina, and Maryland

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About Bernie Madoff - The Man Who Stole $65 Billion - Largest Ponzi Scheme In History

Hitler was right: a Jewish man named Bernie Madoff stole millions of dollars from Americans in a massive scam

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